Where will our children play?

CONCERNS have been raised that children will be left with only the street to play in if local play parks are axed.

It was reported last week that half of Angus Council’s play facilities have been earmarked for closure, although councillors have moved to hold a public consultation on the issue.

It was revealed that 13 facilities in Arbroath, five in Carnoustie and three in Monifieth could be removed.

In addition it was also suggested that 15 public toilets around Angus should be closed for good, with another consultation due on that issue.

And now readers have been taking to our Facebook pages to vent their concern over the possible closures.

Lea Davies said: “I agree that some of the parks mentioned above should be taken away but not every park mentioned is bad and should be kept so that children have somewhere to go at each end of the town.

“Otherwise kids will have nothing to do but hover around shops and play in the streets, how is safe for the community?

“They should be putting more toilets in this town not less!

“Pensioners, pregnant women and kids should not have to hold for a toilet because their bodies are simply not capable.”

Nicky Stewart agreed and added: “Not only does this action affect the kids, a local park encourages children to play outdoors much more than having to travel - it will really effect tourism.

“Who wants to visit a place with no/few toilets and play equipment. This is false economy.”

And on the issue of toilets, Brenda Barthorpe said: “So they build a nice new park at West Links to attract tourists then want to close the toilets beside it.

“As a mother and grandmother I think this is stupid as a there is not enough places.”

It is thought the consultation period on these closures will start soon.