Whistle blown on dog fouling

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Carnoustie Panmure coaches saw red at the weekend after yet another match was blighted by the problem of dog fouling.

The problem came to a head on Sunday before the Carnoustie Panmure Under-9s fixture with Montrose at Pitskelly Park.

Coaches identified numerous faeces on the pitch itself and, incensed, they marked them with coloured cones, took a picture and published it on Facebook.

According to Phil Hope, secretary for Carnoustie Panmure Youth FC, this is a recurring issue. He said: “It’s a major problem. We’re trying to get our players ready for a match and while the opposition are doing their warm up our coaches are going round picking up dog dirt.

“We’ve had to take players off the pitch to clean them up after they’ve slid in dog muck and you’re thinking ‘This is disgusting, you can get diseases from that’.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Angus Council take the matter of dog fouling very seriously and provide litter and dog bins in Pitskelly Park for the disposal of fouling.

“Despite our best efforts and numerous national and local campaigns, irresponsible dog owners still blight communities across Angus by failing to clean up after their pets. Community wardens will continue to patrol this area and will issue fixed penalty notices to anyone found not cleaning up after their dog. Parks and waste management staff will endeavour to ensure pitches are cleaned on a weekly basis.

“Anyone who sees dog owners allowing their dogs to foul and not picking up after them should report them to the councils ACCESSLine on 08452 777778.”

Councillor Brian Boyd added: “People have to take responsibility for their pets and perhaps in Carnoustie there are some people who have too little respect for their town.”