Windswept and interesting!

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PARTS of Carnoustie town centre were briefly closed off earlier this week as gale-force winds damaged buildings and created a public hazard, writes Johnston Ralston.

On Tuesday evening at around 7.30 p.m. firefighters from Fire and Rescue Scotland were called to attend Lord Snooty’s at the corner of High Street and Queen Street which had been battered by high winds.

Independent Carnoustie councillor Brian Boyd witnessed the situation unfold. He said: “Basically what happened was that some of the windows were getting blown out from Lord Snooty’s onto the road.

“The Fire Brigade were out making Lord Snooty’s safe when a member of the public told them there was a loose chimney on 3-5 Queen Street. As they were already there the Fire Brigade brought that down too.

“The chimney didn’t come down easily, but what else could you do when a member of the public has pointed out it is shaking in the wind. They couldn’t take the risk of leaving it.”

A spokesperson for Fire and Rescue Scotland explained that it had been necessary to call in special equipment to do the job.

She said: “The firefighters requested an aerial appliance because the high winds made it unsafe to use the ladders.”

Queen Street was closed between 7.30 and approximately 8.30 p.m. when operations moved around the corner to the eastern part of High Street to remove the loose chimney pots and this remained closed until around 10.30 p.m.

Councillor Boyd was full of praise for the actions of the firefighters and the police to ensure public safety.

He said: “The service of the local Fire Brigade and police was absolutely second to none in making sure the town was as safe as possible. Anything that was loose was taken down while they were up there and there are absolutely no safety issues now.”

The high winds also resulted in localised sandstorms which swept across the town for much of Tuesday.

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