Woodlands Primary School parking worries

A CARNOUSTIE councillor has voiced concerns over a traffic risk to pupils at a local primary school.

Councillor Helen Oswald raised the issue this week after being contacted by parents regarding a drop-off point inside the gates at Woodlands.

She had a site meeting with a council officer and was also given a copy of the council’s risk assessment.

In the report, nine risks were identified. Five were described as high risk, three as medium and one as low.

Councillor Oswald told the Guide & Gazette: “I asked the director of education to suspend the dropping off and picking up immediately in view of the seriousness of the findings but was advised that this was a planning condition and in any case would have to be discussed with the parent council.

“My view is that the safety of the children must come before planning conditions and that suspending this practice immediately is absolutely necessary.

“I am sure the parent council would agree that no child should be put at unnecessary risk and will work with the education department and the head teacher to resolve the matter.

“It is the parent’s duty to see the children arrive safely at the school, but it is the council’s duty to ensure their safety once they are within the school gates.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The head teacher at Woodlands, supported by Angus Council, is working hard to resolve this matter, which will be dealt with as a priority as soon as the school term begins and everyone is on hand to discuss the concerns and range of solutions.

“We will be asking parents not to drive into the school grounds but to park nearby and walk with their child into school.

“We are currently considering having a person on duty at the school at the start of the session, specifically to ensure the safety of children within the grounds.”