Work under way at paddling pool

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A LOCAL youngster and her great-gran who wanted to use the paddling pool at the Sandy Sensations on Carnoustie seafront were disappointed on Sunday when they found the facility closed.

Davina Sturrock, Ferrier Street, and her great-granddaughter, Nylah Douglas, were dismayed that Nylah was not able to sit at the side and dabble her feet in the water as she loves to do.

Mrs Sturrock told the Guide & Gazette: “The pool was a mess with plastic barricades thrown in the water. There was a big chunk of the wall out and one of the stepping stones showed signs of damage.

“I had taken Nylah to the paddling pool as she loves to dabble her feet in the water. She is still a bit young to be let in on her own, but she looks forward to her visits.

“When we got there the gates were chained closed. I noticed that other people had also tried to gain access, so there were several disappointed children.

“Of course the schools were off and it was a beautiful day, so if it had been open there would have been lots of people making use of it.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council explained: “Drainage pipe faults were found under the surface at the paddling pool at the end of last year, and these faults are currently being rectified by outside contractor.

“When this work is completed, other areas requiring treatment, including previous vandalised sections, will be recoated in one job, overseen by roads engineers.

“We hope that the work will be completed in time for the new season at the beginning of April.”

Mrs Sturrock pointed out that the money for the Sandy Sensations had come from the sale of the Dalhousie Golf Club and people come from near and far to use the marvellous play area, so it was doubly disappointing that the paddling pool was closed.

Local councillor Brian Boyd commented: “Luckily the damage on the pool surface happened at the end of last season so no toddlers lost the opportunity to paddle in the pool.

“Works started on the paddling pool at the start of December where further maintenance issues were discovered.

“This is being sorted out over the next few weeks ready for the start of the season in April. I pass the pool most mornings walking the dog and as we have not passed the season of frost yet, I hope the council leave it for another few weeks then press on so it’s ready for the school holidays in April.”