Works turn Queen Street into ‘rat run’

THE SPEED of cars in Queen Street, Carnoustie, is causing grave concern to parents and grandparents of children who attend the nearby Woodlands Primary School.

One gentleman, who declined to be identified, told the Guide & Gazette: “Having spoken to fellow residents of Queen Street and some parents and grandparents of children attending the local primary school, I would like to express deep concern at the speed and the way some cars are being driven up and down.

“It seems that Queen Street is now being used as a ‘rat run’ and we feel it is only a matter of time until someone is either killed or seriously injured, and this could, of course, be a child.”

Carnoustie Police Office was concerned about the situation when we asked them for a comment, but said that no-one had contacted them.

But a spokesman stressed that now they were aware of it, they would give the area extra attention and provide robust action should it prove necessary.

Councillor Brian Boyd told the Guide & Gazette: “The police have been asked to investigate the parking and speed problems and will report back to the next Traffic Co-ordination Group meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 28.”

Councillor Peter Murphy commented: “Concerns about speeding and non-adherence to double yellow lines were very much issues to do with Queen Street  at the time Woodlands Primary School was first opened about four years ago. The concerns never became much of an issue, to my knowledge, over the past three years or so when two of my grandchildren were in attendance there.

“However, because of considerable traffic disruption in the town just now because of sewage works being carried out by Scottish Water, the likes of Queen Street is suffering from the effects of redirected traffic and this may have made the street busier than usual, although I would have thought, because of temporary traffic lights half way up Queen Street, speeding is unlikely to be an issue.”

He concluded: “Despite this, I will be monitoring the situation with the school patroller and local police and will bring the issue to their attention in the run-up to the new school term when pupils return to school after the summer holidays in August.”