You can take the geek out of Arbroath...

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An Arbroath magician has set his sights on the glory of the Edinburgh Fringe and is honing his skills with a series of shows this summer.

Michael Brandie, a well-known magician, illusionist and ‘mentalist’ has planned a series of shows, culminating in a performance at the Abbey Theatre, as a means of honing his skills ahead of what he hopes will be a shot at the big leagues at next year’s Fringe Festival.

His show ‘Borderline Nerd’ will be at the Abbey Theatre on June 27, and according to Michael, the theme of the show will resonate with a lot of people.

He explained: “It’s called ‘Borderline Nerd’ because I’ve got to the age where sometimes I’m guilty of thinking I’m pretty cool and then I start to realise that I’m just a geek.

“The other day I was sitting with a Rubik’s Cube trying to figure out a new way to solve that for the show and after a few hours I found myself wondering, when did I become a geek? That’s the theme of the show, that we all have a little bit of geek in us. I’m on the cusp of turning from geek to nerd, and I don’t know how it crept up on me. That’s the underlying theme in the show.”

Michael continued: “It’s sort of a development of ideas which I had doing my show at the Webster last year. There were a couple of times when I came off stage and I thought ‘I could have done that this way or that way.’

“I’m very much using this as a means to build up to next year when I’m planning to go to the Fringe.

“I’m doing this the proper way. Coming up with the new material and honing it, seeing what works and taking it to different venues and towns to prepare myself.

“It all just depends if the show gets good reviews, then there’s an option to take it further afield. The goal at the moment is to get to the Fringe and have the experience of it, and if it doesn’t go well then I’ll have still had a great experience and learned a few things about myself and performing.”

Tickets for ‘Borderline Nerd’ go on sale this weekend at £10, and are available from his Facebook Page ‘Michael Brandie Magician’ or from