‘Your Local Chippy’ The Lournie Chipper

The variety of food at The Lournie Chipper is fresh and delicious
The variety of food at The Lournie Chipper is fresh and delicious

The Lournie Chipper set in the heart of the Mearns community, at 144 High Street, Laurencekirk, and has a huge selection of food on offer for its customers to cover all tastes.

All food at The Lournie is cooked to order and some of the specialities on offer include southern fried fish and home-made macaroni.

The 70-year-old chip shop is open seven days-a-week and the current owners have had the premises for more than 10 years.

Inside, The Lournie is adorned with a traditional and quaint decor featuring a boating and fishing theme.

The haddock served at the take-away is freshly caught every day from Peterhead.

Much of the produce served is sourced locally, including the steak for the steak burgers on which you can get fried onions, tomatoes, mushrooms or jalapeño peppers as toppings. There is a selection of ice cream available and exclusive toffee and cappuccino sundaes, raspberry ripple ice creams and strawberry sundaes.

There is a huge selection of sweets and a fridge full of a variety of cold drinks and milkshakes.

In addition to home-made mushy peas and home-made chilli beef-topped hot dogs, 12 inch pizzas with a variety of toppings such as pepperoni, tuna, pineapple, spicy beef and smoked sausage are also available.

For kids, their are a variety of items which are served with juice and sweet treats.

The Lournie Chipper is a firm family favourite of ours and many families in surrounding villages.

For dinner we had a special southern fried fish, which was lovely and crisp with a proper southern tang, accompanied by The Lournie’s delicious chunky chips. The fish is also served with parsley and a slice of lemon. We also had the home-made curry which has a perfect consistency. They make their own home made breaded fish and fish cakes.A spicy chicken burger, layered with the perfect amount of fresh salad, was also enjoyed. If you are looking for a fish and chip shop - with a twist - then remember to stop by the Lournie as you will not regret it. To sum it up, the Lournie offers delicious food, freshly cooked at competitive prices! Telephone orders can be made on 01561 378069.