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Sir, - In last week’s Guide and Gazette, I read the letter from the Davis family with their plea for Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom. Their comments reinforces my opinion that the Davis family do not share my understanding of the relationship we, in Scotland, have with other UK countries and the USA in particular.

In a free and independent Scotland, no nuclear weapons will be retained on Scottish soil (for the use of the USA) as this will be written in to our constitution. These 255 ballistic missiles were imposed on Scotland by a UK government that we did not elect and who acted on a USA dictat that we harbour these WMD at the cost of 250m per year. This is a complete and utter waste when one in four Scottish children is living in poverty and our aged die of cold in the most energy rich country in Europe. If just one of these ballistic missiles is detonated by accident (or purpose) Glasgow and Edinburgh and everywhere in between would be destroyed by blast or contaminated forever with radiation. This alone should persuade all Scots to vote for independence.Another reason would be that we would no longer follow on the USA’s coat tails when they want to invade other countries that always coincidentally have oil as their major or only export.

The lines in the Davis’ letter on our shared sense of purpose in defending the rule of law and protection from tyranny and oppression are hollow when you look at the recent history of our relationship with the USA. The war in Iraq has cost a million lives with a camp of over a million refugees, 179 UK squaddies dead and enough burned and maimed to turn rehabilitation into an industry and little or no help provided for those who are returned with post-traumatic stress.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria or wherever we went on the coat tails of the USA has turned the Middle East into a war without end. Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, Abu Ghraib, rendition, black sites (torture prisons) throughout the world and Scottish airports used to transfer illegally held detainees to the C.I A. This special relationship will end after independence - another reason to vote yes.

The American Declaration of Independence was modelled on the Declaration of Arbroath (1320) and was framed by a Fifer. It was declared in 1776, 26 years after the clans and clan system were smashed on Culloden Moor. Many Scotsmen left for other lands to escape the tyrannical persecution of the master state that outlawed the very names they were born with.

Many were sold into indentured slavery and would never forget their treatment by the British Crown. That last battle on Scottish soil was the germ of the American War of Independence and this influence remains as strong today as then. The Boston Tea Party that epitomises the War of Independence was organised by the Scottish rite of freemasonry.

The participants changed into Indian clothing in the St Andrews Lodge in Boston before boarding the ships to throw the British taxed tea into the sea. “No taxation without representation” was the call and rightly so. Another reason for voting yes this September. Of the 56 signatories of the American Declaration of Independence three quarters were Scots or of Scottish decent. Another reason for voting yes. - Yours etc.,


Bothy Cottage


For us?

Sir, - On behalf of The Children’s Trust, I would like to make an urgent appeal to running enthusiasts, who would like to take part in the Great North Run 2014 on Sunday, September 7.

The Children’s Trust has a few guaranteed places left to fill but the deadline for registration is July 7, so please visit our website as soon as possible to register and secure your place www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/greatnorthrun

We would also be thrilled to hear from own place runners who would be interested in joining our team. For further details, please visit the website, or phone me 01737 364323.

The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury. - Yours etc.,


Events Co-ordinator

The Children’s Trust