Youth footballers again generous to Gambia side

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IN 2010 Carnoustie Panmure Youth Football Club donated a number of sets of football strips to the Lower Bakau School in the Gambia, following the lead of local company Smyth Composites who regularly send books, pens, pencils and other school essentials.

The school headteacher was so pleased with the strips he renamed the school football team Bakau Panmure.

This gesture struck the heart of the committee, managers and players of the Carnoustie club. So much so, the club amended its constitution to make an annual donation to the school.

This year the club asked the players to donate football boots which they had grown out of, and were delighted to receive 35 pairs.

This generosity was then matched by the club which purchased socks and shinguards to go with each set of boots. In an attempt to firm up the link between Carnoustie and Bakau Panmure, the club also purchased 24 training tops emblazoned with a Bakau Panmure club badge, the thistle design of which is based on the one worn by the players of Carnoustie.

Club president Mike Andrews said: “When we received pictures of the children wearing our old strips it really touched our hearts and we wanted to make a more permanent link. The players of our club have been really generous with so many pairs of boots and we are all delighted with the Bakau Panmure badge which is on the training tops.

“The club is looking forward to seeing pictures of the children from Lower Bakau School wearing them. A big thanks also goes to Smyth Composites for paying for the shipping costs to the Gambia.”