Youths urged to respect sacrifice

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REPRESENTATIVES of Carnoustie community council, police and the Royal British Legion have joined forces against disrespect toward the town’s War Memorial.

This Remembrance Sunday, the Carnoustie War Memorial will be the focus of commemorations, much as they are in towns and cities across the country, as people pay their respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of liberty.

The Dundee Street memorial is also a popular gathering place for many of the town’s youth at this and other times of the year.

Sadly, a minority of those young people do not pay the site the respect it deserves and Tayside Police is appealing to them to be mindful of what the memorial represents and respectful of the sacrifices of their forebears.

Carnoustie Sergeant Steve Smith said local officers had been working hard to tackle issues of anti-social behaviour, vandalism and youths causing annoyance in the town and had also spoken with young people in the town about the importance of the memorial.

He said: “Carnoustie War Memorial is situated centrally in the town and as such it is no surprise that it is a popular meeting place, or place to gather for local youths. There is nothing wrong with that, as it is a community resource.

“Unfortunately, in recent times a small minority are upsetting the wider community with their behaviour, with minor acts of anti-social behaviour, littering, underage drinking and vandalism of flowerbeds.

“Quite apart from the upset caused to others, their behaviour displays a total lack of respect for the sacrifices made on their behalf by past generations. They should know that the freedoms they enjoy today were achieved by those sacrifices.”

As part of their commitment to tackle anti-social behaviour, Tayside Police will also continue to give particular attention to the memorial gardens and the surrounding area. Where it is deemed appropriate, young people can expect to be moved on by the police.

Local officers have received around 160 calls relating to youths causing annoyance in Carnoustie over the past six months, with the majority of calls coming on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Anyone found involved in anti-social behaviour or criminality in the area will be dealt with robustly.