Carnoustie pick up big win in last home game of season

Carnoustie made their final home appearance of the season against Caithness – a side they had beaten in a Shield game earlier in the season.

The pitch was firm and conditions good.

Carnoustie got the game underway with a well-judged kick which Caithness failed to gather but scrambled the ball into touch.

The home side won the line-out and ran the ball, but a loose pass allowed Caithness to turn the ball over and find touch.

Carnoustie applied early pressure with good driving and running, but they failed to break the defensive line.

Gareth Johns, at scrum half, was leading the way, with strong running, forcing the defence into conceding a penalty, which Mark McQueen converted.

Caithness’ response was immediate with Carnoustie conceding a penalty which was converted.

From the restart Carnoustie knocked on, allowing Caithness to go wide from the scrum and break the defensive line for a touch down, which was converted.

Carnoustie failed to put the restart the required 10 metres but made good by winning the scrum. This allowed Gareth Johns to break the defence and touch down, with Mark McQueen adding the conversion.

Carnoustie knocked on the restart, with Caithness finding a good touch from the scrum and then gaining a penalty, which they converted.

Again the restart kick failed to carry, but from the scrum Carnoustie kicked out on the full.

Carnoustie made a good break from the scrum but the ball was held up. From a further scrum they earned a penalty which Mark McQueen converted.

Again, though, Carnoustie knocked on and conceded a penalty which Caithness converted.

Carnoustie attacked from the restart and, following a scrum, Craig Addison made a break. When he was stopped, he found Mark McQueen on his shoulder and put him through to touch down and convert.

There was still time for Carnoustie to concede another penalty before the break, and Caithness converted, leaving the home side holding a narrow one-point lead at half time.

Caithness started the second half by finding touch. Carnoustie won the line-out and sent the ball wide, before driving and gaining a penalty.

A tap and a series of drives allowed Tom Hall to break and touch down at the posts with Mark McQueen converting.

From the restart, kicks were exchanged but the ball ran dead. Caithness dropped out, Carnoustie gathered and chipped ahead with Caithness knocking on. From the scrum Carnoustie set up a strong drive, allowing Kevin Franco to touch down, with Mark McQueen adding full points.

The game slowed down for a period before Carnoustie again picked up the pace and intensity.

From a scrum Carnoustie made a clean break and, when stopped, recycled the ball to again drive for Anthony Franco to finish off. Mark McQueen again converted.

From the restart Caithness kicked short but failed to take the ball cleanly, and from the scrum the ball was fed wide to Danie Van Wyk on the wing, who ran away before cutting inside to touch down, with Andrew Burgess converting.

From the restart Carnoustie knocked on, allowing Caithness field position and, from a subsequent line-out they drove the ball and touched down wide out.

Despite the difficult kicking position, the visitors still managed to make the conversion.

With little time left there was no further action of note.

Team : M. McQueen, M. Downie, R. Coates, C. Addison, J. Donnachie, A. Burgess, G. Johns, T. Hall, K. Franco, D. Tyrell, S. Millar, J. Forster, I. Reid, A. Franco, O. Hughes, D. Van Wyk, D. Campbell, D. Findlay, A. Shepherd.