Carnoustie secure away victory after strong performance in Dunfermline

Carnoustie travelled to McKane Park last Saturday for the first time, on league business after a week off due to an unplayable pitch.

The ground was wet and soft, but well grassed and conditions were good, apart from a very low and blinding sun.

Carnoustie got the game under way with Dunfermline fielding and kicking and Carnoustie did likewise, finding touch. The line out was won and the ball sent wide, but knocked on and, from the scrum, the ball was sent wide and then driven, but Dunfermline held the ball up, to gain a scrum.

Carnoustie won the scrum against the head and chipped ahead where the ball was regathered and sent to the far touchline before being turned inside. Dunfermline intercepted the ball, but the player was immediately held and, in trying to unload, popped the ball in the air to be snapped up by CHRIS RANKIN and touched down, but too far out for the conversion.

Carnoustie undid the good work by knocking on at the restart and then conceding a penalty, which Dunfermline converted. Carnoustie restarted with Dunfermline knocking on, but Carnoustie lost the scrum allowing Dunfermline to attack and gain a penalty, but the kick missed the posts.

The drop out found touch and Carnoustie attacked from the line out and gained a penalty which CHRIS RANKIN converted.

Carnoustie fielded the restart and drove the ball and gained a penalty and, from the line out, the ball was played wide and then driven with a further penalty awarded which CHRIS RANKIN again converted. Kicks were then exchanged before Carnoustie conceded a penalty, but touch was not found and Carnoustie cleared.

Dunfermline then had a period of ascendancy, driving repeatedly to the line, but the visitors’ defence was solid until eventually Dunfermline passed the ball out wide, but, with the line open, they dropped the ball.

They continued to press, but ultimately Carnoustie got the ball up field and gained a penalty, which they converted. Carnoustie fielded the restart and ran the ball before kicking, but from the line out Dunfermline drove, then broke downfield and drove again to cross and touchdown out wide.

The conversion was missed and the whistle blew for half-time.

Half-time: Dunfermline 8, Carnoustie HSFP 14.

Dunfermline restarted and Carnoustie fielded before returning the kick.

Dunfermline knocked on and when Carnoustie won the scrum and chipped the ball ahead, they chased hard, re-gathered the ball and drove to the posts where CRAIG ADDISON touched down and CHRIS RANKIN

The restart was fielded and cleared up field, giving Carnoustie field position and they again played the ball wide, before the drive was set up and a penalty gained, which again was

Dunfermline put the restart out on the full, but won the scrum and kicked, but the ball was fielded by Mike Downie who raced down the wing before chipping ahead only to see the ball run out of play.

Carnoustie again set up an attack and Chris Rankin attempted a snap drop goal, but sent the ball wide and from the drop out Carnoustie fielded cleanly, but thereafter a scrappy period of play saw Dunfermline held up and unable to clear the ball and Carnoustie came back with great purpose, now playing through the backs and causing the defence problems, before JORDAN DONNACHIE finished off a good move to touch down in the corner, but too wide for the

Dunfermline restarted and forced their way into the visitors’ 22, but Carnoustie turned the ball over and, although close to their own line played the ball through the hands, with Jordan Donnachie breaking at pace before playing the ball inside, but the move was stopped close to the try line.

Carnoustie came back again, but dropped the ball and a Dunfermline boot knocked it forward and a further kick allowed the Dunfermline player to race on and touch down, but with no conversion and this brought the match to an end.

Team: M. McQueen, J. Donnachie, C. Addison, G. Johns, M. Downie, C. Rankin, D. Findlay, G. Stewart, N. Bowles, D. Campbell, O. Hughes, J. Christie, A. Franco, K. Franco, I. Reid, D. Paterson, C. Murray, L. Campbell.


After a good win away from home last week, tomorrow, Saturday, Carnoustie are again on their travels when they play Highland in the BT Caledonia League Division One.

The home side currently lie in third spot in the table and defeated Carnoustie when the sides met at the High School back in September. This match is scheduled to kick-off at 2pm.

The 2016 New Years Day Dook

The Dook will begin at 12 noon when local rugby celebrity, George Taylor, will kick the rugby ball in as start of the dook. Please meet behind the Golf Pro Centre for 11.45a.m .

There will be a bucket collection for local charities on the day. All dookers note that there will be no changing facilities and to bring towels and dry clothes with them.