Dominoes Open Triples draw

Belhaven Carnoustie Domino League

FIXTURES: Open Triples competition.

Corner - D. Duncan*, S. Martin, A. Dougan; M. Fraser, J. Reilly, K. Gourlay; J. McNicoll, G. Stott, D. Dewart.

Stag’s Head – J. Cavanach, U. Wardrop*, S. Oldershaw; B. Clark, J. Ferguson, M. Brown; A. Fairweather, E. Ford, M. Ritchie.

British Legion – I. McLennan, R. Ferguson, J. Martin; G. Andrew, C. Hendry, C. Brown; K. Callaghan, A. Christie*, B. Scammel.

Aboukir – L. Ritch, I. Smart snr, R. Graham*; G. Lumsden, I. Smart jnr, D. Hay; G. Fairweather, I. Deans, S. Fairweather.

* indicated board controller.

Captains’ meeting 7.30 p.m. and finals night Monday, May 21, in the Aboukir.

Belhaven Broughty Ferry Domino League

Fixtures: Singles Competition pre-lim round venues; Occidental, Fort, Eagle Inn, Anchorage ‘A’, Vault, Papa Jacques. Check-In at 7:30 pm (First games at 8 p.m.). For playing locations see pub notices.