Dominoes results and fixtures

Belhaven Carnoustie Domino League

RESULTS: Open triples competition qualifiers - A. Dougan, K. Gourlay, D. Dewart, Stag ‘E’; S. Oldershaw, M. Brown, M. Ritchie, Stag ‘E’. J. Martin, G. Greig, B. Scammel, British Legion; L. Ritch, G. Lumsden, G. Fairweather, Stag ‘E’.

Captains’ meeting 7.30 p.m. and finals night on Monday (May 21) in the Aboukir. 8 p.m. sign in.

Belhaven Broughty Ferry Domino League

FIXTURES: Doubles final in The Post Office Bar. Check-in at 7:30, first games at 8 p.m.

Extraordinary captains’ meeting in Doc Ferry’s on Sunday, May 27, at 11.45 a.m.


Broughty Ferry Tennis Club

IN THE Tennis Tayside Ladies’ League Division Two, Broughty Ferry (1) had a narrow win over Duffus. Results: Ladies League, Monday, Division Two – Duffus (1) 8, Broughty Ferry (1) 10. Division Four – Broughty Ferry (2) 9, St Andrews (3) 9.