Dominoes under way

Belhaven Carnoustie Domino League

AFTER two free weeks for all teams, the season is set to resume with the open singles competition at four venues on Monday night. Players should sign-in 8 p.m. as follows:

At Corner - M. Brown; G. Lumsden; I. Deans; I. Smart jnr; W. Piggot; M. Fraser; *G. Greig; J. Ferguson.

At Stag’s Head - *S. Oldershaw; L. Ritch; S. Martin; J. Cavanagh; M. Gilroy; J. McNicoll; U. Wardrop; A. Christie; D. Hutton.

At British Legion - S. Brown; B. Scott; J. Reilly; B. Clark; A. Piggot; *N. Ross; R. Ferguson; C. Hendry.

At Dalhousie - R. Torrie; G. Fairweather; I. Smart snr; A. Fairweather; B. Lynch; S. Ross; *R. Graham; W. Wallace.

* controller

McEwan’s Broughty Ferry Domino League

THE PRELIMINARY rounds of the doubles championship were played on Tuesday night.

Qualifiers for the latter stages of the competition to be held on May 24 were J. Cook and A. Wilson, Occidental Ex, J. Borland and Joan McDonald, Occidental, D. Neil and John McDonald, Occidental, D. Robson and S. Garland, Papa Jacques, J. Reilly and G. Greig, Vault A, J. Gove and N. Ross, Vault A, E. Grant and M. Brown, Vault A, J. Brown and C. Oldershaw, Vault A, Alison McGregor and D. McAulay, Anchorage, S. Gray and R. Brand, Eagle Inn, B. Steedman and G. Whyte, Eagle Inn, T. Smith and W. Nicoll, Eagle Inn, J. Long and N. Burns, Gunners, C. Hume and C. Martin, Post Office Bar, G. Duff and H. McAllister, Post Office Bar, J. Kidd and E. Thomson, Vault, D. Hutton and S. Brown, Vault, J. Ralph and L. McGuinness, Jolly’s, J. Caird and S. Fitzpatrick, Anchorage A, and J. Cree and A. Hutchison, Doc Ferry’s.

Tuesday’s fixture: Singles Finals, at Occidental. Check-in by 7.15 p.m., first games at 7.30 p.m. See pub notices for finalists.