Broughty Athletic boss Keith Gibson: we’re desperate for some football

You’d be forgiven for thinking Broughty Athletic had given up competitive football for Lent, such is the dearth of games they’ve played lately.

But it’s not a choice to go so long without games, far from it in fact, as manager Keith Gibson spoke this week of his desperation for a run of competitive games - and the sooner the better.

Saturday saw the postponement of yet another game due to the bad weather, not only robbing the Fed of a much-needed outing but also leading to a fixture pile-up later in the season that could see the side playing right into the summer months.

This weekend sees Broughty head up the road to face North Region outfit Stonehaven in the GA Engineering Cup, and with the final being played at Tannadice and the cup being sponsored by the club chairman, Gibson says it’s definitely a competition his squad is eager to do very well in this season.

He added that Stonehaven are something of an unknown opponent, but he does have information to go on.

He said: “Trying to get a run of games is really difficult just now.

“We’re going to end up playing into mid-June again which isn’t great. Hopefully we get a few games in now.

“We’ve got a tough one this Saturday against Stonehaven. They’re a bit of an unknown quantity but we’ve got a bit of information on them.

“It’s the GA Cup, the boss’s cup so it’s one we really want to do well in.

“Again there’s a wee incentive there for the players as well to play at Tannadice in the final.

“I think for the players most of all they just want a run of games and get some consistency.

“With the games being off there’s been players who have been unlucky to find themselves out of the team in the games we have played.

“We just want to get the games on and get playing, we’ve got a lot of competition for places - it’s a very competitive squad as I’ve said before.

“The stop-start thing isn’t great and I’m not blaming that for our last two defeats, but it certainly doesn’t help.

“The last thing you want is the players to get into the mentality of the game being off every week so they go through the motions, but they’ve trained very well and their attitudes have been excellent.

“The next few months will be massive in terms of where we’re going to be playing our football next season.”