Cup joy for Monifieth under-17s

IN DUNDEE and District Footballl Association local cup ties at the weekend, Monifieth under-17s got through to the final of the League Cup, but Broughty lost out in extra time. Elswhere, Ferry under-13s and under-14s and Monifieth under-14s, all won their local cup quarter-finals.


League and Local Cup, Under-13, Ross Ballantine Cup, quarter-final - Ferry 5, Douglas 0; D. Brown Cup, quarter-final - DUSC 2, Carnoustie 1; Monifieth 2, Fairmuir 4; Broughty Ferry Cafe Royale League - Broughty 1, Pitfour 8.

Under-14, Dundee West Ann, quarter-final - Dryburgh 2, Ferry 2 aet, Ferry won 4-3 on penalties; Mac Brown Cup, quarter-final - Broughty 0, Monifieth 4; D.S. Rennie League - Carnoustie 0, Fairmuir 6.

Under-15, Jean Pierre Babin Cup, quarter-final - Kirrie 9, Ferry 1; Fairmuir 8, Monifieth 2; G. Taylor League - Broughty 1, Scone Thistle 4.

Under-16, Maryfield League - ACSC 2, Broughty 0; Carnoustie 4, Dee Club 4; Kirrie 1, Ferry 2.

Under-17, League Cup, semi-final - Forfar 4, Broughty 3, aet; Monifieth 3, Tayport 1; MNT League - Montrose Vics 1, Ferry 2.

Under-19, President League - Carnoustie 4, Forfar 2; Monifieth 2, Domino 3; Letham Tan 3, Ferry 3.


Sunday, Nines (20030 - Monifieth v Brechin, as arr; Celtic v Broughty Panthers, Lochee A; Carnoustie v Dundee West, as arr; Broughty Pumas v Lochside, Orchar; Ferry Athletic, free week.

10s (2002) - Forfar v Broughty United, as arr; Dundee Rangers v Carnoustie, St Saviours A; Lincraig v Ferry Athletic, Caird Park; Monifieth v Lochside, as arr.

11s (2001) - Monifieth v Arbroath CSC, as arr; Carnoustie v Brechin, as arr; Ferry Athletic v Fairmuir, Dawson A; Broughty United, free week.

All kick offs at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. from now on. All team lines and registered players send to Jim Falconer. Also free weeks must be in writing with two weeks notice, e-mails not acceptable. Any teams not fulfilling their fixture must notify Jim Falconer. Season finishes November 25.

Scottish Cup, fourth round

Under-19 - Ferry v Campsie Black Watch (S. Turnbull), Dawson 1, 1 p.m.

League and Local Cup

Under-13 - Diamond Jubilee Cup, quarter-final - Ferry v Fairmuir (S. Hambley), Dawson 2, noon; Lochside v Carnoustie (M. Findlay), Forfar, noon; Monifieth v Montrose (F. Butcher), Riverview, noon: Broughty Ferry Cafe Royale League - Broughty v ACSC (M. Anderson), Esplanade 1, 12.30 p.m.

Under-14 - J Duffy Cup, quarter-final - Tayport v Monifieth (S. Robertson), Tayport, 11 a.m.; Discovery v Ferry (W. Mills), Drumgeith 2, noon: Watson McInally League - Broughty v ACSC (M. Anderson), Esplanade 1, 2 p.m.

Under-15 - G. Taylor League - Monifieth v Broughty (W. Geekie), Riverview, 12.30 p.m.; Luncarty Saints v Ferry (K. Dick), as arr, 2 p.m.

Under-16 - Maryfield League - Ferry v Carnoustie (S. Hambley), Dawson 2, 2 p.m. Broughty, free week.

Under-17 - MNT League - Pitfour v Ferry (H. Innes), St Madoes, 2 p.m.; J. Gourlay League - Broughty v Tayport (C. Race), Claypotts 3, 2 p.m.; Monifieth v Arbroath (W. Geekie), Riverview, 2 p.m.

Under-19 - J. Cord Cup, quarter-final - Carnoustie v Fairmuir (H. Petrov), Carnoustie, 2 p.m.: President League - ACSC v Monifieth (G. Anderson), Hercules Den, 2 p.m.

All results to J. Manzie before 6 p.m. Sunday. Scottish Cup results to J. Manzie and Hugh McGregor (01383 734002) immediately after the game, (home and away). Home teams must make verbal contact with referee and opponents by Friday evening. Any problems contact J. Manzie. Free weeks must be in writing with two weeks notice. E-mails not acceptable.

Teams are reminded that throughout the season all pitches must be re-allocated or fixture reversed wherever necessary. Cup ties played to a finish. No trialists in cup ties. Can teams please note that some kick off times may have changed due to availability of pitches and referees. All teams please use official DDYFA teamlines only and write name of cup/trophy/ league.

Christmas shutdown will be December 30 and January 6. Next meeting Sunday, November 25, in Abertay University, Bell Street, Dundee, at 6.45 p.m. All teams should be represented.