Elements the winner as programme decimated

IN ATROCIOUS conditions, Monifieth emerged victors in the Dundee and District Football Association Under-19 President League derby with Carnoustie at the weekend.

All other games were postponed.

Fixtures: Seven-a-side, 2004s, 9s, all kick-offs 11 a.m. unless stated – Arbroath v Broughty, as arr.; Carnoustie v Dundee United, as arr; Lochside v Monifieth, as arr.; Dundee West v Ferry, Downfield B.

2003s, 10s, all kick-offs 11 a.m. unless stated - Broughty Panthers v Broughty Pumas, Orchar; Carnoustie v Dundee Thistle, as arr.; Forfar v Ferry Athletic, as arr.; Lincraig v Monifieth, Caird Park.

2002s, 11s, all kick-offs 11 a.m. unless stated – Carnoustie v Dundee Rangers, as arr.; Ferry Athletic v Dryburgh, Dawson A; Broughty United v Finlathen, Gillies.

2001s, 12s, all teams must attend 11-a-side workshop on April 6 before they can play 11-a-side games. Queries to 01241 828970.

Carnoustie v Celtic, as arr.; St Murdochs v Ferry Athletic, as arr.; Monifieth v Riverside, as arr. Free week: Broughty United.

11-a-side: Under-13s - Broughty Ferry Cafe Royale League – Arbroath v Broughty (G. Craig), Arbroath, 12.30. Free week: Ferry.

Under-14s - D.S. Rennie League - Carnoustie v Ferry (M. Findlay), Carnoustie, 12.30: Watson McInally League - Broughty v Lochside (A. Cowie), Esplanade 1, 12.30; St James v Monifieth (M. Crichton), Drumgeith 4, 12.30.

Under-15s - G. Taylor League – Broughty v Fairmuir (D. Lawson), Esplanade 1, 3 p.m.; Ferry v Monifieth (B. Strachan), Dawson 1, 12.30.

Under-16s - Stewart Angus Cup, Section D - Ferry v Dundee Villa (M. Anderson), Dawson 1, 3 p.m.: Donaldson League – Carnoustie v Montrose Vics (M. Findlay), Carnoustie, 2 p.m.

Under-17s - Henry Dolan Cup, Section B - Broughty v Pitfour (K. Dick), Claypotts 3, 3 p.m.: Section C - Mains v Monifieth (G. Anderson), Fintry 1, 2 p.m. : MNT League – Free week: Ferry.

Under-19s President League – Celtic v Carnoustie (A. Brodie), Lochee 2, 3 p.m.; Monifieth v Ferry (S. Fordyce), Riverview, 3 p.m.