Gowfers buck up to secure win

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ALTHOUGH the Gowfers came away with three points on Saturday, it was still a case of ‘could do better’ according to assistant manager Graeme Christie.

Overall, he was pleased with the result against Musselburgh United, and with good reason after most of the squad was held up by roadworks en route, writes Johnston Ralston.

He said: “I was very, very pleased with the result, especially considering the circumstances. The traffic was pretty horrific.

“We managed to get the game delayed for 15 minutes.

“It wasn’t the best preparation but to be fair to the players they did the best they could to get themselves physically and mentally ready and we started the game reasonably well.”

However, Graeme admitted his players were not at their best. He said: “We went into half time with a one goal lead, but the players got a roasting because I felt they hadn’t played as well as they had in previous weeks.

“I said if we continued to make the same mistakes we wouldn’t be taking anything away from the game. Saying that, we did start the second half quite well.

“We lost a goal to make it all square but from that point on they really dug in and in the end it went reasonably well.”

Looking to Saturday and a return to GA Cup action against Lochee Harp, Graeme is in a positive frame of mind.

He said: “They’re two leagues below us and they’ve not had a great start to their season so they’ll be up for it because they are up against a team supposedly better than them.

“We won’t be taking them lightly and we will be making some positive choices for the team.”