Lichties season ends in uncertainty

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Much has been made of Arbroath’s dive bomb approach to the second half of the season.

The Club showed their final reaction when they culled Manager Allan Moore on Sunday.

Arbroath FC’s chairman John Christison explained what happened. He said: “We had a meeting on Sunday morning following the Elgin loss. We did a lot of soul searching and it is obviously a results based industry and therefore a results based decision.

“From the position we were in at Christmas to the position we are in now, it was just the right time for a change.”

Personally, John was remorseful in the approach necessary: “I spoke to Allan on the telephone, which to be quite honest is not the best way to do it, but it had to be done.

“I explained to him our position from the Board’s point of view and that we wanted to move in a different direction.

The Club had discussed at length what could be done to break the undeniable slump the team had fallen into and felt this was the only option available to them.

John said: “I understand some reactions may see it as a hasty move however, and can understand why people may say ‘you are third place in the league and only four points off’ but we couldn’t see where another win would come from and we really felt it was the right time.

“The players were needing a lift, a boost and we felt it was time to take control and make the difficult decision.”

With three games still to play the team cannot go without

“We are very lucky that Todd Lumsden has agreed to step in. He discussed it with Allan and will see us through until we get someone else in.”

Aberdeen veteran midfielder Barry Robson’s name has been bandied across the web but he is absolutely not a contender.

“That is a definite no,” John confirmed. “Barry is doing well at Aberdeen and it is probably a year or so too early for a move like that.”

The Club is very clear that they do not have someone else in mind.

“We are actively seeking applications. This decision was not made based on someone else coming in.

“We have received a few applications already and the Board will re-group soon to look at them in detail. It is an ongoing process,” John explained. “I would like to thank Allan for his time. The football we played in the first half of the season was magnificent and wish him well and hope he gets back into football.”

With Todd in the driving seat against Queens Park, fans will be hoping the shake up will produce the desired results.