Linn: We owe the fans a response after poor display against Endies

Photo - Graham H Black.
Photo - Graham H Black.

Arbroath star Bobby Linn apologised to the side’s away fans for the performance they witnessed against Montrose on Saturday.

The out-of-sorts Lichties were well beaten by their fierce rivals but a contingent of visiting supporters - mainly youngsters - kept singing and beating their drum all game.

It helped foster a cracking atmosphere at Links Park but sadly not one that could rouse their team into action.

Linn said the performance was unacceptable.

Bobby said: “We need to thank the fans who travelled through, they were great again. But what we put on for them was just not good enough. We need to sort that out, especially at home to Queen’s Park this Saturday in front of our own fans.

“All I could hear all game was our fans. They took the time to stay and cheer us on, they tried to sing and enjoy their day but I don’t how they managed to enjoy that - it was brutal. They’ve done it all season and they did it last year as well. They’re good fans, they’re loyal and they’re honest. We need to start giving them something back soon.

“I think it just takes hard work to turn it around. We need to get together. We need to get the experienced lads bringing the younger lads in and we all need to get our heads down.

“We had a decent enough pre-season and two bad league results aren’t the end of the world. But we need to get back to the basics and start working hard for each other. If we can do that the ability will shine through. First and foremost we get back to basics, work hard and be honest.

“Queen’s went to extra-time which might help us or might not. They’ll have confidence with winning and beating Clyde last weekend. But just because we’ve lost two games doesn’t mean it’s a foregone conclusion that we’re beat, no chance.

“We’ll do everything in our power to win that game.”