Menzieshill hit for six

IN THE George Buckman Premier Division, Carnoustie had a great start to 2012, with a 6-2 win over Menzieshill and keeping their third place in the league.

After missing a penalty with the score at 0-0, Carnoustie then went 2-0 down, but fought back well with goals from Jamie Garvock, Chris Millar, Alan Conway, Scott Bissett and two from Chris Reid, to earn a well deserved win.

Results: George Buckman Premier Division: Menzieshill Athletic 2, Carnoustie YM 6; N.C.R 3, Broughty United 1. Placings; SS Peter & Paul 27 points; Bank Street Athletic 24; Carnoustie YM 20; St. James AFC 18; N.C.R. AFC 17; Logie Harp 15; Menzieshill AFC 13; Invergowrie AFC, Tayside Fire Brigade 12; Broughty United 11; Riverside Athletic 10; Merpro AFC 9.

Drain Doctor Division One: Barnhill AFC v Michelin Athletic, postponed.

Trident Trophies Division Two: Letham Lads’ Club 1, Carnoustie Athletic 5.

AM Phillip Alliance Division One: Broughty United ‘B’ 0, Barnhill AFC 2; Invergowrie 0, Broughty United ‘A’ 1; Tayside Fire Brigade 2, Carnoustie YM 2. Division Two: Michelin Athletic v FC Claypotts, postponed; Monifieth Tayside v Arbroath CSC ‘A’ postponed.

Fixtures: George Buckman Premier Division: Broughty United v Tayside Fire Brigade (G. Bowman), Esplanade; St. James AFC v Carnoustie YM (S. Puller), Fairfield Park.

Drain Doctor Division One: Barnhill AFC v Michelin Athletic (G. Cavanagh), Monifieth High School.

Trident Trophies Division Two: Carnoustie Athletic v Strathmore Athletic (S. Hood), Carnoustie High School; Monifieth Tayside v Letham Lads’ Club (J. Dunlop), Riverview.

AM Phillip Alliance Division One: Barnhill AFC v Dundee College (F. Campbell), Monifieth High School; Carnoustie YM v Invergowrie (G. Bruce), Carlogie Park; N.C.R. AFC v Broughty United ‘B’ (K. Cassidy), Caird Park Stadium; Riverside Athletic v Broughty United ‘A’ (A. Townshend), Finlathen 2.

Division Two: Michelin Athletic v Arbroath CSC ‘B’ (P. Montgomery), Michelin Grounds; Monifieth Tayside v Logie Harp (F. Butcher), Riverview.

Kick offs are at 1.30 p.m. All MAFA results (home club only) to MAFA match secretary on 01382 229266 before 6.30 p.m.