Result a bitter disappointment, says Alan

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Gowfers’ gaffer Alan McSkimming is not happy with the momentary slip which saw his side miss out on three points on Saturday.

Alan said: “I’m bitterly disappointed in how the score ended up. We were dominating pretty much the majority of the game until they got back on equal terms and once they scored that goal we had a 10 minute gap where we just felt we’d left the game.

“We had words after the game and we spoke again on Monday. Everybody is aware it’s a team effort. Everybody is taking responsibility.

“We’re looking forward to the next match, we’ve been playing well but individual errors have been costing us heavily.”

Tomorrow (Saturday), they are away to rudderless former champs Linlithgow Rose. Alan said: “I think they’re playing more dangerously in their current situation with no manager and perhaps with the quality of players that they have they will be ale to play with more freedom. If we can put them under pressure we can get their heads down. We know we have the capability of getting a result. These are the challenges that we look forward to.”