Youth football fixtures

THE Dundee and District Youth Football season gets under way on Sunday. The Under-19s President League fixtures have thrown up a local derby in the first game between the new Panmure Youth team and Monifieth.

Fixtures: Sunday (August 19) - Under-13s Broughty Cafe Royale League: Dundee West v Broughty (D. Coleman) Downfield 2, 12.30 p.m. Under-13s J. Clenaghan League: Carnoustie v Lochside (D. Lyons) Carnoustie, 12.30; Dundee Villa v Monifieth (C. Hughes) Drumgeith 3 12.30.

Under-14s D S Rennie League: Carnoustie v Tayport (D. Lyons) Carnoustie, 2 p.m.   Under-14s Watson McInally League: Broughty v Montrose Vics (W. Geekie) Esplanade 1, 12.30. 

Under-15s G Taylor League: Monifieth v Luncarty Tan (G. Fitzpatrick) Riverview, 12.30. 

Under-16s Maryfield League: Broughty v Dryburgh (W. Geekie) Esplanade 1, 2 p.m.; Brechin v Carnoustie (C. Gunnis) Brechin, 12.30: Dundee Villa v Ferry (M. Anderson) Drumgeith 4, 12.30. 

Under-17s J Gourlay League: Tayport v Monifieth (V. Robertson) Tayport, 2 p.m.; St Andrews Colts v Broughty (G. Anderson) Tom Morris, 2 p.m. 

Under-19s President League: Carnoustie v Monifieth (D. Shepherd) Carnoustie, 2 p.m. 

Tuesday, August 21 - Under-13s Broughty Cafe Royale League: Broughty v Ferry (S. Fordyce) Claypotts 3. Under-13s J Clenaghan League: Brechin v Carnoustie (G. Bruce) Brechin; Monifieth v Fairmuir (W. Geekie) Riverview. 

Under-14s D.S. Rennie League: Ferry v Carnoustie (M. Welsh) Dawson 1; Under-14s Watson McInally League: Monifieth v Broughty (K. Crichton) Riverview.

Under-15s G. Taylor League: Ferry v Saints (G. Bowman) Claypotts 5; Fairmuir v Monifieth (F. Butcher) Graham Street; Broughty v Luncarty Saints (C. Weir) Esplanade 1.  

Under-16s Maryfield League: Carnoustie v ACSC (S. Phillip) Carnoustie; Ferry v Broughty (H. Innes) Dawson 2.

Thursday, August 23 - Under-16s Maryfield League: Lochside v Carnoustie (G. Bruce) Forfar; Ferry v Fairmuir (D. Fearn) Dawson 2; Broughty v Dee Club (C. Race) Esplanade 1.  

Under-19s President League: ACSC v Carnoustie (H. Fairweather) Hercules Den; Ferry v Michelin (G. Anderson) Dawson 1; Monifieth v Celtic (K. Henderson) Riverview. 

All midweek kick-offs are at 6.45 p.m. All results to J. Manzie before 6 p.m. Sunday, 9 p.m. midweek. It is the home team’s responsibility to make verbal contact with referee and opponents by Friday evening. Any problems contact J. Manzie. Free weeks must be in writing (two weeks notice), e-mails not acceptable. Teams are reminded that throughout the season all pitches must be reallocated if unplayable.