Gilzean hoping Gowfers bounce back in league

Ian Gilzean manager of Carnoustie Panmure Football Club.
Ian Gilzean manager of Carnoustie Panmure Football Club.

GOWFERS’ manager Ian Gilzean remains resolute despite his side becoming entangled in the Spiders’ web of penalties on Saturday.

Ian, who could not attend the match, said: “Yeah, I’m a little bit disappointed. I spoke to Crispy [assistant manager Graeme Christie], last night, this morning and after the game on Saturday and it sounds as though we didn’t play as well as we did the week before.

“We knew it would be a tough game. We didn’t hit the same heights from the week before, we weren’t as sharp and they punished us for it.”

Ian believes that the best thing now is for his side to concentrate on their rising star within the league.

He said: “We need to put last week behind us and hope that we can play well and get a few more points this weekend.”

Tomorrow (Saturday) the Gowfers face St Andrews United, their bogey team from last year. He said: “St Andrews are a tough side. They ran away with the league last year and they beat us twice.

“We can’t afford to perform as we did against Downfield or we can be sure that we won’t take any points away with us.”

Ian is confident, however, that his side have matured since their last meeting, and this time, things could be different.

He added: “If we go out and play like we did against Linlithgow then hopefully we’ll get a result.

“We know we’re a better team now than we were when we played them this time last year.”