Junior badminton tournament results

ANGUS Badminton Association’s annual junior tournament took place recently at Arbroath Sports and Community Centre.

Numbers were down significantly from the last few years and, as a result, girls events only took place in the younger age-groups.

Results were:

2001 boys’ singles, winner - Stewart Ross, NE Fife; runner-up - Keighan Nicoll, Nomads.

1999 girls’ singles, winner - Lara Eaton, Harris; runner-up - Beth Rear, Harris.

1999 boys’ singles, winner - Diwig Dev, Nomads; runner-up - Lief Boehme, NE Fife.

1999 girls’ doubles, winners - Lara Eaton and Beth Rear, Harris; runners-up - Lauren Corbett and Amy Paton, Nomads.

1999 boys’ doubles, winners - Diwig Dev and Kyle Short, Nomads; runners-up - Michael Jackson and James Lockhart, Carnoustie Panbride.

1997 boys’ singles, winner - Kyle Duguid, Forfar; runner-up - Jamie Urquhart, NE Fife.

1997 boys’ doubles, winners - Euan Chalmers and Alister Goodfellow, Nomads;

runners-up - Kyle Duguid and Josh Forbes, Forfar.

1994 boys’ singles, winner - Phil Fraser, Nomads; runner-up - Ciaran Russell, NE Fife.


Trio secure second round slots

ABBEY Athletic, AFC Plough and Finavon all booked their places in the Forfar Roof Truss Trophy second round at the weekend.

Full Forfar and District Sunday League results and fixtures are:

Results: Forfar Roof Truss Trophy, first round - Abbey Athletic W/O Kirrie Thisle SC; AFC Plough 3, AS Tutties 1; Finavon 4, Carnoustie All Stars 4 (Finavon won 5-4 on penalties).

League - FC Steg 2, FC Porty 3.

Fixtures for Sunday:

League Cup, semi-final - Carnoustie All Stars v Abbey Athletic (P. Aiken) Carnoustie House.

League – Craw’ Nest v FC Porty (D. Shepherd) Carlogie Park; FC Steg v Finavon Hotel (M. Harrison) Victoria Park; Kirrie Thistle SC v Millgate Bar (M. Reid) Martin Park; Westport Bar v AFC Plough (G. Adams) Macdonald Park

Letham Hotel, free week requested; AS Tutties, no game.