Latest catches at Rescobie

THE RECENT slight increase in temperature appears to have had an invigorating effect on the fish at Rescobie Loch, especially the browns.

In recent days the fish have been nearer the surface as some decent hatches have been seen. Lures, such as dancers and vivas have been doing well as have traditional wets and buzzers. Fish have been coming off from all over the loch but a lot of anglers have been favouring the Condor end and the north bank but that may just be an attempt to stay out of the bitter winds.

Some really nice brown trout have been caught with R. Buick (Arbroath) having one at 6lbs 12oz in his four for 14lbs 12oz, I. Goodlet (Forfar) one at 9lbs 4 oz in his four for 18lbs 8oz, A. Wood (Forfar) two for 7lbs 8oz in his four for 12lbs 12oz and M. Heenan (Forfar) had one at 8lbs 8oz in his four for 15lbs 8oz. D. Nicoll (Arbroath), one at 6lbs; A. Beattie (Forfar), one at 6lbs; G. Hawkins (Arbroath), one at 6lbs 8oz, J. Moseley (Arbroath) one at 7lbs 8oz, M. Smith (Dundee) one at 7lbs, W. Johnston (Blair) one at 9lbs, B. Gray (Birkhill) one at 9lbs 8oz, L. Anderson (Invergowrie) one at 6lbs 8oz and J. Smith (Forfar) one 8lbs 8oz.

Some boat successes were: K. Shepherd (Forfar), four for 8lbs 4oz, S. Thomson (Arbroath) four for 10lbs, D.M. Smith (Arbroath) four for 9lbs 4oz, J. Henderson (Montrose) four for 10lbs, G. Kydd (Montrose) four for 10lbs 8oz, T. Greig (Dundee) four for 13lbs 8oz, J. Malloch (Letham) four for 10lbs 12oz, B. Paterson (Aberdour) four for 8lbs 8oz, R. Smith (Arbroath) four for 11lbs, J. Yule (Kirrie) four for 9lbs and Mr Joe (Dundee) four for 10lbs 8oz.

From the bank, R. Clark (Arbroath) three for 7lbs 8oz, J. McFarlane (Kirrie) four for 9lbs 8oz, D. Simpson (Arbroath) four for 8lbs 12oz, I. Thomson (Forfar) four for 9lbs 12oz and G. Gall (Arbroath) three for 9lbs.

March ‘Fish of the Month’ was taken by J. Moncur (Invergowrie) with a 10lb rainbow, April was Mr Joe (Dundee) with a 9lb 15oz brown trout and on the leader board at the moment is I. Goodlet (Forfar) with a 9lb 4oz brown.


Angus Seniors League

Results from Tuesday: Hope Paton 52 (2pts), Boyle Park 33 (5pts); Monifieth 43 (7pts), Letham 34 (0pts); Abbey 54 (6pts), Carnoustie WE 20 (1pt); Montrose w/o Parkview scr; Newgate 61 (5pts) Lochlands 47 (2pts); Carnoustie 42 (4pts) Arbroath 36 (3pts).