Angus Bowling Association

ANGUS Championships, second round results - Senior Singles - Broughty Castle 11, Dudhope 21; Muirhead & Birkhill 21, Carnoustie West End 12; Parkview 21, Barnhill 18: Senior Pairs – Maryfield 16, Barnhill 19; Carnoustie West End 9, Dudhope 27; Arbroath 18, Carnoustie 14; Broughty Castle 10, Baxter Park 14: Senior Triples – Brechin 18, Monifieth 9; Carnoustie West End 18, Fairfield 5: Senior Fours – Monifieth 12, Newgate 15; Strathmartine 15, Broughty 16; Carnoustie West End 15, Letham 17.

Ladies’ District Championship finals, Fours – Abbey 8, Barnhill 18: Senior Fours – Barnhill 22, Maryfield 8: Specsavers Champion of Champions - Parkview 21, Barnhill 20; Balgay 21, Carnoustie West End 17; Craigie 21, Broughty 16; Strathmartine 21, Monifieth 18: Singles - Lochlands 14, Carnoustie West End 21; Barnhill 21, Forfar 9; Broughty Castle 11, Muirhead & Birkhill 21: Pairs – Brechin 11, Broughty 22; Broughty Castle 21, Hope Paton 7: Triples – Barnhill 19, Maryfield 6; Canmore 10, Monifieth 21; Carnoustie 18, Parkview 9; Broughty 12, Craigie 22: Fours – Canmore 13, Barnhill 15; Broughty 10, Forfar 17; Letham 14, Carnoustie West End 13; Newgate 22, Carnoustie 5. Under-25 singles – Brechin 10, Carnoustie West End 21; Parkview 21, Barnhill 19; Monifieth 10, Fairfield 21.

Third round fixtures, Monday, June 18: Senior Pairs – Barnhill v Dudhope at Broughty: Senior Triples – Abbey v Carnoustie West End at Newgate: Senior Fours – Newgate v Broughty at Carnoustie.

Tuesday, June 19: Singles – Carnoustie West End v Hillcrest at Broughty Castle; Barnhill v Muirhead & Birkhill at Fairfield: Pairs – Broughty v Fairfield at Craigie, Maryfield v Broughty Castle at Broughty: Triples – Barnhill v Dudhope at Broughty; Monifieth v Letham at Carnoustie; Carnoustie v Craigie at Monifieth: Fours – Barnhill v Forfar at Maryfield: Under-25 singles – Carnoustie West End v Kirriemuir at Maryfield.

Angus Ladies League

PLACINGS; Monifieth 4 points + 28 shots; Arbroath 4 + 15; Brechin 4 +2; Hope Paton 2 + 15; Lochlands 2 + 1; Montrose 2 + 1; Canmore 2 – 8; Letham 0 – 2; Abbey 0 -3; Boyle Park 0 – 17; Forfar 0 – 32.

Scottish Cities and Counties Championships

IN THEIR Scottish Cities and Counties Championship clash against City of Dundee BA, Angus came out on top, winning by 27 shots.

Fixtures: Aberdeen & Kincardine v Angus local players: rink one - A. Furye; rink two - R. Burnett; rink four - R. Torrie; rink five - D. McGill; rink six - M. Black; all Carnoustie West End Bowling Club. Bus leaves Newgate BC at 10.30 a.m. with pick-up at Brechin. If unable to play or not staying for tea, please ‘phone secretary Peter Clyne 01575 573156.

Senior League

IN THE Senior League, Carnoustie won away to Brechin, but Monifieth and Carnoustie West End both lost.

Results – Carnoustie West End 34, Letham 49; Montrose 40, Monifieth 34; Brechin 34, Carnoustie 48.

Specsavers Angus Leagues

IN THIS week’s Specsavers Angus Leagues there were good wins for Carnoustie West End and Monifieth, but the other local teams all lost out.

Results: June 8, Division One – Carnoustie West End 59, Broughty 36.

Placings; Dudhope, Arbroath, Carnoustie West End, Montrose 10; Canmore 8; Newgate, Forfar 6; Fairfield, Broughty, Abbey 0.

Division Two – Monifieth 50, Parkview 48, Baxter Park 57, Barnhill 47.

Placings; Brechin 10; Muirhead, Craigie, Maryfield 8; Barnhill, Kirriemuir 6; Parkview, Monifieth, Baxter Park 4; Letham 2.

Division Three – Lochee 52, Broughty Castle 45, Strathmartine 55, Carnoustie 31.

Placings; Lochee 8; Carnoustie, Lochlands 6; Balgay, Strathmartine, Longforgan, Friockheim, Broughty Castle 4.

Fixtures: June 22, Division One – Arbroath v Carnoustie West End, Canmore v Broughty. Division Two – Monifieth v Baxter Park, Muirhead v Barnhill. Division Three – Balgay v Broughty Castle, Lochee v Carnoustie.

Bowls Scotland

IN THE District Four singles final the result was Montrose 13, Carnoustie West End 21.

Fixtures: Sunday, 6 p.m., mixed pairs – Strathmartine w/o v Broughty scr at Broughty Castle, Barnhill v Kirriemuir at Brechin, Broughty Castle v Balgay at Monifieth.

Broughty Club

BROUGHTY Bowling Club lost out to Carnoustie West End in their Specsavers Angus league tie on Friday and also lost to Abbey in a friendly the following day.

Fixtures: ladies’ invitation triples, tomorrow (Saturday), 9 a.m. start – Maryfield (1) v Monifieth (1), Dudhope v Barnhill (2), Monifieth (2) v Maryfield (2), Abbey (1) v Broughty, Newport v Canmore (2), Muirhead & Birkhill v Broughty Castle, Fairfield v Barnhill (1), Canmore v Craigie. 10.10 – Invergowrie, Longforgan, Strathmore, Abbey (2).

Monifieth Club

IN SATURDAY’S matches both Monifieth teams registered good wins against Baxter Park.

Fixtures: tomorrow (Saturday), Dudhope, home 2 p.m. four rinks; Dudhope, away four rinks. Wednesday, Baxter Park, away 2 p.m. five rinks. Ladies: Thursday; Newgate, home 6.30 p.m. two rinks.

Carnoustie West End

WEST End got their defence of the Angus League back on track on Friday night against Broughty Bowling Club at the Kinloch Street green. In front of a large vocal crowd the home team ran out easy winners by 23 shots.

They face a tough task at home today (Friday) against Canmore Bowling Club from Forfar. The club need to win not only this game but also their next three to retain the league flag. Match Secretary Bob Torrie made changes last week and may have to shuffle the pack again with some players having to pull out due to holidays.

The Saturday friendly team played Lochlands at home but couldn’t match the visitors and lost out by six shots overall. This week they travel to Letham for a mixed friendly.  

The club has one more honour to add to their recent success. Mike Black won the Bowls Scotland Regional singles final at Broughty on Thursday against Scott Pirie, Montrose. Both players matched each other early on but Mike hit a purple patch midway through the game and triumphed 21-13. He now goes forward to the Scottish Championships at Northfield, Ayr, in July.

City of Dundee Bowling Association

Seniors’ League

BARNHILL and Broughty went head-to-head in the City of Dundee Bowling Association Seniors’ League on Tuesday afternoon with Broughty edging a narrow one-shot victory.

Results: Lochee 27 shots (1 point), Hillcrest 30 (5); Maryfield 27 (0), Dudhope 37 (6); Craigie 38 (5), Muirhead 34 (1); Barnhill 26 (1), Broughty 27 (5); Baxter Park 30 (0), Strathmartine 40 (6); Fairfield 51 (6), Longforgan 23 (0); Balgay free week.

City of Dundee v Northern Counties BA, players - J. Aimer, J. Strachan, P. Lindsay, R. Carlin, G. Beat, A. Moir, K. Brunton, O. Chalmers, B. Morris, R. Bruce, C. Brunton, G. Harrison, S. Buist, C. Stewart, W. Milne, H. Grieve, G. Grant, I. Bell, A. Crichton, R. Smith, J. Mulholland, E. Mason, M. Thompson, M. Biondi. Reserves – J. Watson, R. Garnham, G. McComskie. For more details call J.R. Duncan 01382 612264.

Scottish League

ANGUS/Dundee Under-25s lost out to Grampian in the Scottish League.

Fixtures, Sunday, June 24, Perthshire Bowling Association v Angus/Dundee Bowling Association at Caledonian Bowling Club, Perth.