All the winners at Carnoustie Open Bowling Tournament

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THE 39th annual Carnoustie Open Bowling Tournament, sponsored by Belhaven Brewers, concluded with the finals of all three competitions at the Maule Street green on Saturday afternoon.

Gents’ singles champion was Andrew Furye, Carnoustie West End, and the ladies’ singles winner was Kathleen Gordon of the Abbey Club, Arbroath. Jim Wilson, Monifieth Club, and Maureen Ferguson, Arbroath Indoor, were the respective runners-up.

David Briggs, Craigie, and Grant Harrison, Maryfield, won the open pairs competition, defeating Mo Burden, New Deer, and Robert Torrie jnr., Carnoustie West End, in the final.

Art Spalding received the Skol Trophy for the Carnoustie member progressing farthest in the gents’ singles, and Helen McGill picked up the Charlie Taylor Salver for a similar achievement in the ladies’ singles.

David McGill and Andrew Furye, Carnoustie West End, were awarded the Alpha Boilers Trophy for the most successful local partnership in the open pairs.

Results from the tournament’s latter stages were as follows:

Ladies’ Singles

Preliminary round - M. Thoms 18, D. Mason 21; J. Granger 12, L. West 21; E. Marnie 15, M. Lindsay 21; R. Menmuir 15, C. Condy 21; K. Gordon 21, S. Naylor 12.

First round - D. Mason 21, L. West 9; M. Lindsay 17, C. Condy 21; K. Gordon 21, J. Mackie 7; M. Armstrong 16, I. Teviotdale 21; H. McGill 21, M. Croll 15; M.R. Miller 21, J. Lindsay 6; L. Whammond 12, A. Robertson 21; D. Robertson 19, S. Coffin 21; P. Smith 10, F. Pearson 21; E. Philip 21, M. Gall 1; S. Simpson 15, J. McLaughlin 21; M. Barrie 12, M. Main 21; J. Gilbert 21, S. Urquhart 11; M. Anderson 21, A. Bowen 10; M. Wright 10, M. Ferguson 21; F. Christie 21, J. Stewart 12.

Second round - D. Mason 21, C. Condy 11; K. Gordon 21, I. Teviotdale 9; H. McGill 21, M.R. Miller 18; A. Robertson 21, S. Coffin 7; F. Pearson 15, E. Philip 21; J. McLaughlin 21, M. Main 12; J. Gilbert 21, M. Anderson 4; M. Ferguson 21, F. Christie 16.

Quarter-finals - D. Mason 17, K. Gordon 21; H. McGill 16, A. Robertson 21; E. Philip 19, J. McLaughlin 21; J. Gilbert 15, M. Ferguson 21.

Semi-finals - K. Gordon 21, A. Robertson 18; J. McLaughlin 16, M. Ferguson 21.

Final - K. Gordon 21, M. Ferguson 16.

Gents’ Singles

Third round - R. Biondi 8, J. Condy 21; C. Ramsay 9, P. Carnegie 21; R. Torrie snr 15, E. Mason 21; J. Wilson 21, M. Burden 13; D. Strachan 21, A. Sturrock 5; M. Thompson 16, A. Furye 21; A. Spalding 13, J. Craig 21; D. Henderson 21, M. Lowe 16.

Quarter-finals - J. Condy 17, P. Carnegie 21; E. Mason 19, J. Wilson 21; D. Strachan 10, A. Furye 21; J. Craig 11, D. Henderson 21.

Semi finals - P. Carnegie 19, J. Wilson 21; A. Furye 21, D. Henderson 13.

Final - J. Wilson 11, A. Furye 21.

Open Pairs

Third round - A. Robertson/M. Thompson 16, P. Nicoll/D. Garvie 7; D. McGill/A. Furye 17, A. Sturrock/J. Wilson 18; D. Gilchrist/R. Biondi 6, D. Briggs/G. Harrison 17; J. Strachan/M. Biondi 14, A. Bowen/I. Bowen 7; M. Burden/R. Torrie jnr 18, L. Grahame/M. Grahame 16; B. Hogan/M. Smith 13, J. Carnegie/D. Mill 20; R. Burnett/P. Carnegie 19, C. Condy/J. Condy 11; C. Ramsay/T. Thompson 21, G. Skea/E. Philip 12.

Quarter-finals - A. Robertson/M. Thompson 19, A. Sturrock/J. Wilson 5; D. Briggs/G. Harrison 21, J. Strachan/M. Biondi 0; M. Burden/R. Torrie jnr 19, J. Carnegie/D. Mill 9; R. Burnett/P. Carnegie 19, C. Ramsay/J. Torrie 6.

Semi finals - A. Robertson/M. Thompson 12, D. Briggs/G. Harrison 13, after extra end; M. Burden/R. Torrie jnr 17, R. Burnett/P. Carnegie 5.

Final - D. Briggs/G. Harrison 13, M. Burden/R. Torrie jnr 10.

Angus Bowling Association

FIXTURES: Sunday 2.30 p.m. Angus Championships Top Five 2012, second round, Craigie v Monifieth, Parkview v Carnoustie West End, Broughty Castle v Letham.

Thursday 6.30 p.m. Angus Championships Top Ten 2012, third round; Montrose v Barnhill.

Broughty Club

IN THE annual friendly for the Bruce/Mackie Trophy, Broughty were the winners by 17 shots over Whitehall from Aberdeen.

Results: Wednesday, July 25 - Broughty 69, Arbroath 77.

Bruce/Mackie Trophy

Broughty v Whitehall

26 M. Watson D. Denholm 19

17 A. Cameron R. Livingstone 22

25 L. Kinnear G. Fearn 17

19 R.McPherson D. Freeland 10

12 G. Adam A. Badenoch 24

22 B. Kindlen C. Mathers 16

20 F. Gall 20 C. Walker 17

142 125

City of Dundee Bowling Association Championships

TUESDAY: R.M. Rodgers Trophy, Champion of Champions, first round; Hillcrest v Broughty at Broughty Castle BC, Craigie v Monifieth at Balgay BC, Barnhill v Longforgan at Strathmartine BC, Broughty Castle, bye.

Matt Conners Trophy, singles, first round; Balgay v Monifieth at Dudhope BC, Lochee v Broughty at Craigie BC, Longforgan v Barnhill at Muirhead and Birkhill BC, Broughty Castle, bye.

A.B. Nelson Trophy, pairs, first round; Barnhill v Broughty at Maryfield BC, Monifieth v Muirhead and Birkhill at Strathmartine BC, Balgay v Broughty Castle at Fairfield BC.

J.W. Alexander Trophy, triples, first round; Dudhope v Broughty at Maryfield BC, Barnhill v Monifieth at Longforgan, Broughty Castle v Craigie at Muirhead and Birkhill BC.

C.W. Milne Trophy, fours, first round; Barnhill v Dudhope at Broughty BC, Baxter Park v Monifieth at Strathmartine BC, Broughty Castle v Strathmartine at Craigie BC, Broughty v Hillcrest at Broughty Castle BC.

Monifieth Club

IN THE Angus Ladies’ League, Monifieth lost out to Canmore by three shots.

Result: Canmore 12 points + 20 shots, Monifieth 11 + 17.

Fixtures: Saturday; Montrose, home, 2 p.m., five rinks; Maryfield, away, 2 p.m., five rinks.

Sunday, August 5, Mixed Open Pairs, 11 a.m. – M. McDonald-Smith/E. McDonald-Smith v M. Lowe/L. Anderson, D. Mayes/M. Sturrock v W. Morrison/I. Morrison, M. Smith/I. McDonald v A. Lowe/B. McIntyre, G. Culross/W. Culross v A. Jones/J. Cummings, A. Sturrock/C. Sturrock v E. Jeffrey/D. Ritchie, B. Hogan/E. Williamson v W.J. Howie/I. Howie.

1:15 p.m. – G..Hillian/L Strachan v G. Ross/M.Y. Nicoll, W.H. Young/A. Leiper v A. Stewart/S. Urquhart, D. Simpson/M. Russell v D. Hood/M. Kydd, M.J. Smith/S Friel v W. Teviotdale/I. Teviotdale, P. Lowe/A. Lowe v J. Ewan/I. Smith, D. Keiller/N. Young v H. Chapman/S. Chapman.

3:30 p.m. – J. McGhee/A. McGhee v D. Niven/M. Niven, R. Johnston/J. Johnston v D. Roberts/E. Dailly, S. Willocks/M. Willocks v A. Elrick/M. Elrick, R. Chapman/G. Chapman v R. Wynd/S. McComiskie, A. Gray/T. McKay v I. Martin/C. Gibson.

5:45 p.m. – R. Heron/P. Strachan v B. Young/C. Connelly, J. Jamieson/A.P. Sturrock v G. Milne/J. Gilbert, J.F. Cumming/C. Ruxton v J.A. Smith/B. Robertson, D.A. Robertson/M. Robertson v B. Lorimer/M. Mason, J. Finlayson/A. Turnball v M. Lorimer/J. Lorimer.

Monday, 6 p.m. – M. McWalter/M. Thoms v E. Kydd/W. Kydd, C. Stewart/A. Robertson v J.S. Wilson/A. Wilson, I. Bowen/A. Bowen v D. McGill/H. McGill, K. McIntyre/L. Furye v E. Brow/A. Reid, M. Grahame/L. Grahame v F. Black/P. Black.

Ladies: Thursday; Grange, away, 2 p.m., two rinks.