Andy holds up in Tassie early stages

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Tassie week began on Monday, in windy, but dry, warm conditions, with two days of qualifying rounds on the Championship and Burnside Courses.

Last year’s winner, Caledonia’s Andy Fyfe with scores of 74 and 69 for 143 took second spot behind leading qualifier, Mason Papple, Stock Brook Manor, 69 and 72 for 141.

The Tassie cut fell at 161 and of the local golfers, last year’s runner-up, Scott Mann, Carnoustie, Danny Elder, Carnoustie, Aaron Sweeney, Carnoustie, Duncan Cairnie, Caledonia, Scott Nicol, New Taymouth, and Neil Moncur, 
Broughty, joined Andy in round one of the Matchplay on Wednesday where all but Scott Nicol and Neil 
Moncur got through their matches and into Thursday.

The cut for the Maulesbank was nett 155 which saw Carnoustie’s trio of Colin Smith 93, 77 for 170, James Farrell 79, 72 for 151 and Douglas Smith 85, 68 for 153 make it through to Wednesady’s matches where Colin progressed to Thursday, but James and Douglas both narrowly lost out.

Leading Tassie qualifiers:

141 Mason Papple

143 Andy Fyfe

146 Stephen East, Stephen Hindle,

147 Dean Homewood, Daniel Teece, Barry Giblin

149 Nick Jones, Joe Restein

150 Aaron Sweeney,

151 Nigel Hunter, Danny Elder, Ian Kearney

152 Dean Daulby, Mark Phillips

153 Garry Corby, Scott Mann, Scott Nicoll, Duncan Hamilton


Craw’s Nest Tassie matchplay, Championship Course: Wednesday, round one – Mason Papple, Stock Brook Manor beat Digby Holman, Knole Park 4 and 3; Gary Walker, Deane lost to Robert Wright, Crewe 1 up; Gary Corby, Lingdale beat Rodney Hemingway, Heaton Park 2 up; Pat Smith, The Shire, lost to Duncan Hamilton, Morton Hall, at the 19th; Nick Jones, West Lancashire, lost to Chris Clarkson, Brough, at the 20th; George Apel, Formby, lost to Sam McLoughlin, Bush Hill Park, 5 and 4; Grant Marable, Boyce Hill, beat Tommy Lodge, Boyce Hill, 3 and 1; Martin Jones, Padeswood & Buckley, lost to Joe Restein, Bay Creek, 3 and 1; Dean Homewood, North Downs, beat Barry Hynd, Pitreavie, at the 19th; John Whitlock, Thorndon Park, lost to Phil Sargent, Haydock Park, 5 and 4; John Cartledge, Chorley lost to Austyn Cambden, Stock Brook Manor 8 and 7.

Simon Jones, Padeswood & Buckley, beat Nigel Hunter, Breightmet, 5 and 4; Ian Kearney, West Lancashire, beat Neil Moncur, Broughty, at the 19th; Kevin Mackie, Bothwell Castle, beat Alan McBride, Bedlingtonshire, 2 and 1; Duncan Cairnie, Caledonia, beat Tom Broxup, Cookridge Hall, 5 and 3; Michael Lindsay, Pitreavie, lost to Stephen East, Moortown, 8 and 7; Stephen Hindle, Ellesmere, beat Steve Perry, Boyce Hill, 6 and 5; Steve Jenkins, The Shire, lost to Jeremy Howarth, Cookridge Hall, 5 and 4; Scott Nicoll, New Taymouth, lost to Stuart Birrell, Pitreavie, 3 and 2; John Gillett, West Lancashire, lost to Mark Phillips, Prestatyn, 4 and 2.

Danny Elder, Caledonia, beat Arron Williams, Prestatyn, 5 and 3; Jonas Wenell, Agesta, lost to Alistair Hunter, Pitreavie, 5 and 4; Joe Whittaker, Great Lever & Farnworth, beat Dean Duffy, Heaton Park, 3 and 2; Graham Marshall, Rothley Park, lost to Daniel Teece, Baildon, 2 and 1; Barry Giblin, Haydock Park, lost to Adam Smith, Padeswood & Buckley, 1 up; Danny Adkins, Stock Brook Manor, beat Andy Evans, The Shire, 1 up; David Abbott, Boyce Hill, lost to Ken Sargent, Haydock Park, 3 and 2; David Jardine, West Lancashire, lost to Aaron Sweeney, Carnoustie, 3 and 2; Dean Daulby, West Lancashire, lost to William Turner, The Bradford, 2 up; Steve Adkins, Stock Brook Manor, lost to Scott Mann, Carnoustie, 5 and 4; Andrew Jones, West Lancashire, lost to Allan Mole, Worsley, 1 up; Ryan McDonagh, Hinckley, lost to Andy Fyfe, Caledonia, 5 and 4.

Maulesbank Trophy, Burnside Course: Wednesday, round one – Al Weigand, TPC Las Vegas, beat Kulwinder Bagri, Bellshill, 5 and 4; Edward Mellor, Worsley, lost to Andrew Rudkin, Lingdale, 1 up; Bob Gammie, Kemnay, beat Simon Harper, Breightmet, 1 up; Graham Skinner, Rossendale, beat Dominic Lodge, Boyce Hill, 2 up; Philip Bircham, Sherborne, lost to Dean Hazell, Romford, 1 up; Warren Laverty, Breightmet, beat Stuart Gibb, Pitreavie, 3 and 1; Colin Smith, Carnoustie, beat Andrew Topping, Worsley, 3 and 2.

Tim Apel, Formby, lost to John Dolan, Crow Wood, 2 up; Mark Towning, Meyrick Park, beat Alban Bynoe, Studley Wood, 3 and 2; Robin Cook jnr, Pitreavie, beat John Durrell, Romford, 3 and 2; Geoff Russ, Wytchwood Park, lost to Richard Ashbrook, Prestatyn, 1 up; Jim Stevenson, Peterhead, lost to Tim Evans-Jones, The Shire, 5 and 4; Clyde Marriner, Great Hope, lost to Joshua Partington, The Walsall, 1 up; Mick Walker, Rothley Park, beat Bob Smith, Bay Creek, 6 and 5; James Farrell, Carnoustie, lost to Steven Hulse, Crewe, 2 and 1; Neil Jeffrey, Wallasey, beat Gary Waite, Maylands, 3 and 2; Stephen Morgan, Crow Wood, lost to James O’Reilly, Swinton Park, 1 up; Tim Heaton, Maylands, lost to Christopher Hardy, Denton, 1 up; Greg Fee, Bramhall, lost to Paddy Griffin, Maylands, 5 and 4.

Barry Harrison, Denton, lost to Pat Kelly, Crow Wood, 4 and 3; John Steel, Broom Manor, beat Douglas Smith, Carnoustie, at the 19th; James Willingham, Studley Wood, beat Robert Wilkinson, Rossendale, 3 and 2; John Charlton, Wytchwood Park, lost to Sandy Calder, Onneley, 3 and 1; Alan Woodward, Boyce Hill, beat Andrew Carter, North Manchester, 3 and 1; Daniel Clarke, West Lancashire, beat Philip Young, North Manchester, 2 and 1; Tony Pilcher, Stockbridge Manor, lost to Damian Scholes, Celtic Manor, 3 and 2; Ian George, Denton, lost to Leif Lindstrom, Osterakers, 4 and 3; David Fleming, Portlethen, beat Des O’Neil, Childwall, 4 and 3; Paul Ashley, Crewe, lost to Nicholas Greer, Hinckley, at the 19th; Chris Greer, Hinckley, lost to Paul Lassey, Shanklin & Sandown, 4 and 2; Andrew Moffatt, Crow Wood, lost to Glynn Catterall, Rowlands Castle, 5 and 3; Bernard Fee, Bramhall, lost to John Hicks, Maylands, 5 and 4.