It’s been a very busy week despite the colder weather and higher winds.

The boathouse and Burnside saw most of the anglers seeking shelter and it paid off with some very good bags of fish coming off. On Saturday morning Young Logan Cumming had his best day ever keeping three for 18lbs 9oz with the largest a 6lb 9oz blue trout as well as putting back another four all on a sparkly damsel.

Mr Watson had 10 on catch and release, the largest around 7lb on cormorants. Mr Dickson did very well landing in excess of 20 fish on cormorants on a slow glass including half a dozen fish around the 5lb mark.

The Burnside saw a lot of fish still very near the surface despite the conditions, Robert Gibson had 12 fish on the washing line with a midge tip taking fish on a mixture of fly’s including apps bloodworms, diawl bachs, cormorants, buzzers and fabs. Mr Brown did well landing 11 on a hot head damsel with the biggest around 6lb. Mr Roy persevered for a long time trying to get a fish on a dry and ended up with 4 fish on a suspender buzzer.

The Bankside had less rods on it but they were managing a few fish, Mr Stevenson had 4 fish for 10lb 9oz and put back four on a red fritz of all things. Mr Findley was up with his son and had managed a couple of fish when he handed his son the rod while he took a break and would you believe only three casts later me hooked, landed and returned one of the biggest fish in the pond with a rainbow estimated at around 12/13lb.

The Woodside was very busy but the fish were playing quite hard to get as most of the fish were very well spread out but as usual powerbait has been the best method of catch them. The water is still pretty clear and spinners have been an effective way of catching them. Mr Smart had four for 8lbs on a small mepps spinner. The best of these was a stunning brown trout weighing 3lb 7oz which had clearly been in the pond for a long time.

Carlogie Dam

The constantly changing weather recently has had the fish at Carlogie Dam moving up and down in the water.

During the warmer days they have been taking smaller flies higher in the water.

Recent catches include S. McAllan (Arbroath) c/r 12, S. Watson (Muirdrum) c/r 11, A. Stewart (Dundee) c/r 10, R. Clark (Monikie) c/r 4, D. Mahoney (Dundee) c/r 14, D. Thain (Arbroath) c/r 7, N. Boath (Tayport) c/r 9, J. Marnie (Dundee) c/r 2, H. Cassidy (Dundee) c/r 6, J. Orr (Carnoustie) c/r 3, R. Dell (Arbroath) c/r 8.

Catch and keep tickets include D. Low (Aberdeen) 2 for 4lbs, W. Campbell (Aberdeen) 2 for 4lbs 2oz, S. Patterson (Aberdeen) 2 for 4lbs 8oz, G. Milne (Forfar) 2 for 4lbs 4oz, D. McAllan (Arbroath) 3 for 7lbs, D. Smith (Arbroath) 3 for 6lbs 12oz.

A yellow tagged fish was caught recently and the angler received his £50 prize. A green tagged fish was also caught but the angler hadn’t put his £1 in the pot so couldn’t claim his £25 prize.