Angling at Kingennie


Sunday saw the Ferry Fly dressers fishing the Bankside pool with great success.

Ten rods landed a total of 24 fish for 61 lbs with most fish falling to damsels and cats on intermediates.

Season ticket angler Mr Sherriff fished Saturday and Sunday landing a total of 27 fish on yellow dancers with the largest estimated at around 10lb.

The Boathouse is back to being very clear after the rain last week and fished really well over the weekend Mr Watson had 14 fish on a floating line and squirmy worms. Mr Dickson had two of the biggest fish this week in consecutive casts with on estimated at around 11 lbs and the next around 8 lbs both also taken on squirmys.

The Burnside has been the busiest pond this week and for good reason as it continues to produce a lot of fish if you get the method right. Mr Thompson had 12 fish on yellow dancers on a intermediate, Mr Simpson took 12 fish on mixture or the bung and lures but the best result of the week has to go to regular Mr Barlow.

Over the course of two days in six hours fishing, he landed 33 fish with the largest around 11 lbs. Most of his fish fell to gold head hares ears fished on a midge tip line fished very slowly.

The Woodside has been quite but every angler this week bar one has taken the limit. Most of the fish seem to be sat around the inlet pipe taking most baits and methods. Mr Whyte had four fish for 6lbs 11oz on spinners.

On Sunday, March 8, Kingennie will be holding the second qualifier for the SANA Stillwater team who will travel to Ireland in October to represent Scotland at the international. There are still plenty spaces available so please call to book your space.