Angling reports

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Carlogie Dam

Carlogie Dam is fishing well at present. Various colour lures have been taking fish while red buzzers have also been very productive.

Pay £1 and have a chance of winning £50 if you catch a blue. Bring it to the hut and claim your prize. Two anglers have already won.

Recent catches include B. Thomson, Arbroath, C/R 17, J. Marnie, Dundee, C/R 7, W. Beattie, Forfar, C/R 2, I. Chaplain, Carnoustie, C/R 2, G. Anderson, Dundee, C/R 3, D. Inglis, Carnoustie, C/R 10, W. Clark, Forfar, C/R 11, C. Cameron, Dundee, C/R 6, G. Skelton, Arbroath, C/R 4, S. Emmerson, Arbroath, C/R 4, N. Waugh, Dundee, C/R 3, D. Mahoney, Dundee, C/R 4, L. Gall, Dundee, C/R 13, N. Boath, Tayport, C/R 10, N. Spence, Arbroath, C/R 20+, A. Stewart, Dundee, C/R 20 +, S. Watson, Muirdrum, C/R 12, M. Ferrier, Arbroath, C/R 4, F. Ferrier Arbroath C/R 8, R. Main Arbroath C/R 10.

Catch and keep: W. Reilly, Dundee, 3 for 7lb 2oz, K. Clark, Dundee, 2 for 5lb, W. Farquar, Arbroath, 3 for 6lb 8oz, W. Caldwell, Arbroath, 3 for 6lb 12oz, N. Spence, Arbroath, 2 for 5lb, S. McAllan, Arbroath, 2 for 4lb 10oz.

There are still spaces for the George Nicoll Pairs Competition on Sunday, March 23, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


It has been another warm week at Forbes of Kingennie and the sport is improving all the time with more and more fish being caught using the natural approach when the wind has allowed.

The Boathouse has seen most rods manage to take their fish with not too much hassle, even in the gin clear water. As always lures have been the main line of attack with orange blobs and black and green lures mentioned most. Mr Horne had three fish for 16lb 7oz the largest being an 8lb 2oz rainbow. Mr Chalmers had two fish for 10lbs 6oz, the best being a 6lbs 9oz rainbow taken on a hare’s ear.

The Burnside is getting clearer by the day and the buzzer fishing is getting better all the time as long as you can get on the fish as they still seem to being slightly shoaled up. This pond has had the best rise of fish when the conditions suit and there have been a lot of fish coming out to black shuttlecocks with a red butt. Lures are still catching fish but again it is more important to find where they are as they aren’t too fussy on fly patterns. Mr Smart returned 13 fish in four hours on cormorants and Mr McLean had four fish for 9lbs and then returned another eight fishing various lures.

The Bankside hasn’t changed too much with fish well spread out around the pond in close to the edges. Nymphs have been better than buzzers but this has just been because of where the fish have been sat in the margins. Black and green lures and a peach hot head have been the best lures fished fairly fast.

Mr Fleming had three fish for 8lbs and returned another six on lures. Mr Thompson put back 11 fish on a black tadpole on a floating line.

The Woodside has continued to produce a huge amount of fish getting caught on nearly every method. Spinning and powerbait have been the best options and the fish are really starting to move around the pond with less fish being sat in a shoal.

Mr Smith took the biggest fish of the week with a 2lbs 12oz blue trout in a bag of four for 7lbs. Mr Davies had four fish for 7lbs on sweetcorn.