Angling round-up


The recent good weather has seen angler numbers increase at Kingennie and the weekend rain was welcomed as water levels had fallen.

There is an abundant supply of natural food around, which can make fly selection somewhat critical to success.

Most of the fish taken from the Boathouse Pool have been in the four to fivve pounds range. Mr Storrier landed a rainbow of 5lbs 10ozs on a gold headed Pheasant Tail Nymph. Orange Fritz, Silver Sparkler and Cat’s Whiskers have also had success.

On the Burnside Pool lures, buzzers and Daddy Longlegs all took fish at various times. The Simpsons had 17 fish between them on catch and release in one evening session. So far, surface activity has been somewhat more restrained than last year but any signs of caenis hatches seem to make the fish more active.

The Bankside Pool by contrast is displaying a lot of fish in the surface layers but these are far from easy to catch. Even some of the regular anglers are finding it difficult to unlock the feeding patterns. Mr. Campbell took three nice fish for 8.5lbs. Craig Dixon conjured up 20 on dry flies and Bruce Martin also produced some magic, catching 10 fish on a small grey bug - all these fish were released.

The Woodside Pool reached its best on Saturday when 41 fish weighing 56.25lbs were taken. Green powerbait was again the most successful bait, followed by orange powerbait and spinners.

Carlogie Dam

The Colin Fairweather Trophy competition on Sundaywas won by Colin Murray, Carnoustie, with 14 for 38lbs 12ozs.

Others taking part Dave Moodie, Carnoustie, four for 10lbs; Jock Ewing, Aberdeen, six for 15lbs; Walter Senior, Aberdeen, three for 6lbs; Ally Stewart, Dundee, five for 6lbs; George Nicoll, Carnoustie, six for 16lbs; and Colin Fairweather, Carnoustie, three for 5lbs 4ozs.

Recent catches include: Graham Dempster, Tayport, two for 5lbs 8ozs; Jim Donnachie, Dundee, two for 4lbs 12ozs; Neil Lackenby, Carnoustie, two for 5lbs 2ozs; Mr Fairgrieve, Forfar, two for 5lbs; and Dave MacDonald, Carnoustie, one for 2lbs 8ozs.

On catch and release were: Bruce Thomson, Arbroath, 11; Jim Marnie, Dundee, nine; Hugh Cassiday, Dundee, five; Mike Johnston, Arbroath, five; Ally Stewart, Dundee, nine; Scott Watson, Muirdrum, nine; Les Gall, Dundee, five; Gordon Skelton, Arbroath, six; George Woods, Montrose, 15; Neil Spence, Arbroath, 22; Bob Harvey, Leuchars, 12; Robert Burke, Dundee, five; George Anderson, Dundee, five; and Wayne Scott, Dundee, 10.