Annual junior tournament

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ANGUS Badminton Association’s annual junior tournament took place recently at Arbroath Community Centre.

Numbers were down significantly from the last few years, and as a result girls events only took place in the younger age groups.

Results were:

2001 Boys’ Singles (half-court), round-robin pool, winner: Stewart Ross (NE Fife); runner-up: Keighan Nicoll (Nomads).

1999 Girls’ Singles, winner: Lara Eaton (Harris); runner-up: Beth Rear (Harris).

1999 Boys’ Singles, winner: Diwig Dev (Nomads); runner-up: Lief Boehme (NE Fife).

1999 Girls’ Doubles, winner: Lara Eaton and Beth Rear (Harris); runners-up: Lauren Corbett and Amy Paton (Nomads).

1999 Boys’ Doubles, winners: Diwig Dev and Kyle Short (Nomads); runners-up: Michael Jackson and James Lockhart (Carnoustie Panbride).

1997 Boys’ Singles, winner: Kyle Duguid (Forfar); runner-up: Jamie Urquhart (NE Fife).

1997 Boys’ Doubles, winners: Euan Chalmers and Alister Goodfellow (Nomads); runners-up Kyle Duguid and Josh Forbes (Forfar).

1994 Boys’ Singles, winner: Phil Fraser (Nomads); runner-up Ciaran Russell (NE Fife).