Around the local greens

Angus Bowling Association

THE DRAW for the Henderson Charity Trophy 2012 to be played tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m. is - Broughty 2 v Lochlands 2 at Carnoustie; Carnoustie West End 1 v Muirhead 1 at Parkview; Baxter Park 2 v Longforgan 1 at Strathmartine; Arbroath 1 v Newgate 2 at Lochlands; Parkview 1 v Brechin 2 at Canmore; Monfieth 2 v Letham 2 at Brechin; Strathmartine 2 v Newgate 1 at Carnoustie; Dudhope 2 v Letham 1 at Forfar; Abbey 1 v Forfar 2 at Brechin; Monifieth 1 v Maryfield 1 at Barnhill; Baxter Park 1 v Brechin 1 at Forfar; Strathmartine 1 v Barnhill 1 at Muirhead; Carnoustie West End 2 v Friockheim 1 at Abbey; Muirhead 2 v Canmore 2 at Dudhope; Friockheim 2 v Parkview 2 at Brechin; Broughty 1 v Maryfield 2 at Dudhope; Kirriemuir 1 v Canmore 1 at Brechin; Arbroath 2 v Craigie 2 at Barnhill; Craigie 1 v Broughty Castle 1 at Dudhope; Forfar 1 v Lochlands 1 at Parkview; Carnoustie 2 v Abbey 2 at Lochlands; Balgay 1 v Barnhill 2 at Broughty; Balgay 2 v Kirriemuir 2 at Parkview; Broughty Castle 2 v Dudhope 1 at Broughty; and Carnoustie 1 v Longforgan 2 at Dudhope.

Broughty Club

ANOTHER good weekend of bowling saw Broughty win all three of their matches.

Result: Broughty 87 Fairfield 74.

Baxter Park v Broughty

18 S. Lemiszewski G. Spence 22

17 P. Murray J. Walker 18

11 H. Scott D. White 28

24 A. Lornie R. Petrie 11

17 E. Williamson M. Watson 17

87 96

Broughty v Almond Valley

25 A. Cameron A. Kettles 19

20 N. Alexander A Deuchars 18

16 L. Hunter G. Elder 13

27 L. Kinnear A. Brown 12

88 62

Top Five final result – Forfar 4, Letham 1.

Competition draws

The draws for the Broughty Masters and Broughty Classic tournaments to be played on Saturday and Sunday September 22/23, are as follows.

Broughty Classic Tournament, Saturday, September 22, preliminary round 9 a.m., winners play at 12.15 p.m. - 2011 Champion v Carnoustie; Abbey v Monifieth; Broughty Castle v Newport; Baxter Park v Angus & Perthshire; Montrose v Bowls Scotland; Dudhope v Perth Caledonian; Arbroath v Craigie; and Fairfield v Canmore.

Preliminary round 10.30 a.m., winners play 12.15 p.m. Saturday – Letham v Invergowrie; Newgate v Strathmartine; Kirriemuir v Rattray; St. Andrews v Tayside LBA; and Maryfield v Forfar.

First round, 12.15 p.m., winners play 11.30 a.m. Sunday - winner of prelim 1 v winner of prelim 2; winner of prelim 3 v winner of prelim 4; winner of prelim 5 v winner of prelim 6; winner of prelim 7 v winner of prelim 8; winner of prelim 9 v winner of prelim10; winner of prelim 11 v winner of prelim 12; winner of prelim 13 v Broughty; and Barnhill v Brechin.

Broughty Masters Tournament: Saturday, September 22, preliminary round, 2 p.m., winners play at 5 p.m. Saturday – Strathmore v Barnhill; Canmore v Forfar; Montrose v Longforgan/City of Dundee; Dudhope v Abbey; Kirriemuir v Strathmartine; and Brechin v Fairfield.

First round, session one, 3.30 p.m., winners play 9.45 a.m. Sunday - Hope Paton v Alyth; Craigie v Letham; Angus U/25 v Bowls Scotland U/25; Angus BA v Parkview; Carnoustie WE v Invergowrie; Newport v Baxter Park; St Andrews v Arbroath; and Muirhead & Birkhill v Perthshire BA. Session two, 5 p.m., winners play 9.45 a.m. Sunday - winner of prelim1 v winner of prelim 2; winner of prelim 3 v winner of prelim 4; winner of prelim 5 v winner of prelim 6; Newgate v 2011 Champion; Monifieth v Lochlands; Carnoustie v Edzell; City of Dundee U/35 v Broughty; and Bowls Scotland v Maryfield.

Carnoustie Club

ON SATURDAY, Carnoustie travelled to Perth to play Kinnoull Bowling Club to celebrate the Perth club’s 125th anniversary. In a very close game the home team were the victors by four shots.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Carnoustie are at home to Brechin while two rinks will contest the Henderson Trophy. 

Kinnoull v Carnoustie 

23 J. Rougvie  B. Petrie 13

9 D. Ray  D.A. Robertson 25

27 D. Rougvie  D. Merrilees 12

20 W. Robertson  I. Riddell 14

13 H. Hodge  G.Allen 19

16 C. Dawson  A. McKay 21

108 104

Monifieth Club

THERE was a mixed bag of results for Monifieth at the weekend with a very good win at home against Ex-Presidents being offset by a defeat away to Muirhead & Birkhill. It was back to winning ways on Sunday, however, with a victory against touring team Aberchirder.

Monifieth v Ex-Presidents

17 G.Ross J.Statter 17

33 P. Brodie G. Motion 8

25 A. Brankin D. Roberts 17

19 A. Jones J.R. Duncan 15

24 D. Mayes I. Duff 24

118 81

Muirhead & Birkhill v Monifieth

20 S. Barrie F. Black 25

20 E. Mason M.J. Smith 19

23 A. Nairn P. Lowe 14

29 K. Taylor K. McLeish 12 

92 70

Result: Monifieth 105, Aberchirder 97.