Autumn has set in at Kingennie


AUTUMN has set in at Forbes of Kingennie and the cooler weather has made all the difference with all ponds starting to fish really well.

The Boathouse has remained very clear with fish visibly following flies then turning away. Floating lines and lures are still the most popular method, small nymphs are also taking their fair share of fish. The average size continues to be just under 5lbs with the best fish this week taken by C. Boyd with a rainbow of 8lbs 12ozs on a mini cat.

The fish in the Bankside have really switched on to the fry now with large numbers in the second bay and in middle to be seen crashing into fry shoals. If you can reach them, most fry patterns and lures have been taking them.

Dry flies have also been very consistent with black beetles and sedge patterns taking good numbers of fish. The best fish this week was taken by Mr Sawers who landed a brownie estimated between 8 or 9lbs taken on a small dry sedge before being returned.

The Woodside has been consistent with most anglers catching their limit. The best method continues to be the worm with spinners a close second. For some reason powerbait hasn’t been as effective as it usually is but still taking its share of trout. The best bag this week was taken Mr Fyfe and his son with eight trout for 12lbs 12ozs all on the spinner.

Burnside has been fishing very well with most methods catching fish. Lures such as the hothead damsel and bleeding cat are being successful, as are nymphs and dries.

The water is still very clear and this has helped the fishing now that the water is cooling. The best fish taken was a 6lbs 9ozs rainbow taken by G. Birse.

One lodge guest, Mr Parsons, had a very productive session taking 15 fish on a UV cat all in the space of a couple of hours

Carlogie Dam

THE FERRY Fly Dressers visited Carlogie Dam and brought 10 anglers with them to fish their annual pairs competition.

The winning pair were Andy Brown and D. Cadger with 27 fish between them weighing 83lbs 15ozs. Runners-up were Dave West and Les Young with 22 weighing 78lbs 9ozs, third place went to A. Lawrie and G. Sutherland with 16 fish weighing 43lbs 8ozs, and fourth were J. McLaren and D. Bothwick with 13 weighing 38lbs 12ozs.

Other anglers were Jim Tait, Forfar, who caught 12 and kept five weighing 20lbs 8ozs on lures, his best a 9lbs 8ozs rainbow; Caroline Jaffray, Aberdeen, caught and kept two weighing 4lbs 4ozs on an olive sedge; Larry Morrison, Kirriemuir, caught 10 and kept two weighing 7lbs 8ozs on a hares lug; J. Donnachie, Dundee, caught six and kept three weighing 7lbs 8ozs on buzzers; S. McAllan, Arbroath, caught five and kept two weighing 4lbs 8ozs on lures; A. Jarnie, Arbroath, caught and kept two weighing 4lbs on lures; and W. Munro, Arbroath, caught and kept two weighing 4lbs on lures.

On catch and release were D. Mahoney, Dundee, c & r 16 on dries; B. Thompson, Arbroath, C & r 17 on buzzers; Dave Simpson, Forfar, c & r 16 on blobs; Colin Cameron, Dundee, c & r 14 on buzzers on his first time fly fishing; and Gerry Walker, USA, c & r three on lures.