Back to normal at Kingennie

FISHING at Forbes of Kingennie is finally back to normal with only the bankside still containing a small amount of ice.

The heavy rain has coloured the water quite badly but it is starting to clear. The fish in the Boathouse have been hard to tempt but perseverance with the use of sinking lines and lures has kept them coming.

There have not been specific patterns taking most fish but big and black seems to be popular.

The Burnside is still fishing well with black lures and bloodworms doing the business. Good bags of fish are still coming out with most anglers reaching their limits.

The are still big fish coming out and season ticket holder Ian Gordon released a fish of 12lb plus on a small bloodworm pattern.

The Woodside has continued to fish well with powerbait being the top method by far. Most anglers are getting at least a fish or two and J. Craig took a fish of 3lb 8oz.

Since the Bankside has reopened it has fished well with all sorts of lures taking fish. Mr Kirk made the most of the ice thawing as he managed 11 fish in three hours on a Rob Roy the day after the ice melted.