BEST Defence blackbelts are graded

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STUDENTS training under Master Mark Davies at ‘the BEST defence’ in Arbroath have entered 2013 in style by passing their blackbelt gradings.

For those going for their blackbelts, it is the culmination of five to six years of hard training in TaeKwon-Do or Korean kickboxing.

There were also several students going through the very tough tests for 2nd and 3rd degree blackbelt.

TaeKwon-Do students had to demonstrate basic movements, technical kicking, TaeKwon-Do patterns, several rounds of different types of sparring, applied self defence against all manner of situations, and power breaking.

The Korean kickboxers had a tough fitness test to complete, demonstrate all their hand and leg techniques and combinations on punchbags, perform several rounds of kick for kick sparring, several rounds of hand technique sparring, and several rounds of free sparring.

The grading was performed by Master Davies who was extremely pleased with the performance.

He said: “I have to say that this was one of the best blackbelt gradings that I have ever seen, and the hard work and dedication that everyone has put into their training for all those years has paid off.

“I’m very proud of all my new blackbelts, and of those who tested for degree ranks who showed that blackbelt isn’t the end but is really just the beginning”.

Master Davies can be contacted on 07740 982508 or via

Pictured are the successful group from the blackbelt gradings. They are, from left, back - Owen Barron, 1st degree TaeKwon-Do; Angus Hillian, 1st degree TaeKwon-Do; Linzi Dear, 3rd degree Korean kickboxing; Scott Fraser, 2nd degree Korean Kickboxing; Josh Williams, 2nd degree Korean kickboxing; Calum Colford, 2nd degree Korean kickboxing; Dylan Pert, 2nd degree Korean kickboxing; Liam O’Toole, 2nd degree Korean kickboxing; Laura Fraser, 1st degree Korean kickboxing and Sean O’Toole, 1st degree TaeKwon-Do.

Front: Stacy Thomson, 1st degree TaeKwon-Do; Ben Middleton, 1st degree Korean kickboxing; Chris Price, 1st degree Korean kickboxing; Ashley Murray 3rd degree Korean kickboxing; Nicole Murray, 3rd degree Korean kickboxing; Michelle Murray, 3rd degree Korean kickboxing; Calum McIvor, 2nd degree Korean kickboxing; Alex Lo 1st degree TaeKwon-Do and Kirsty Will, 1st Degree TaeKwon-Do. Master Davies is in the centre.