Big catches again the norm at Carlogie Dam

VISITING anglers to Carlogie Dam last week were Gordon Skelton, Arbroath, who caught three on lures and kept two weighing 7lbs; Stan Milne, Kirriemuir. caught and kept two weighing 3lbs 8ozs on lures; Chick Ferguson, Kirriemuir, caught and kept two weighing 4lbs on a yellow dancer; Wullie Reilly, Dundee, caught and kept three weighing 9lbs 4ozs on a black and green fritz.

Keith Clark, Dundee, caught and kept three weighing 6lbs 8ozs on lures; Mike Duffy, Dundee, caught and kept three weighing 7lbs on lures; Raymond Ferguson, Forfar, caught four and kept two weighing 5lbs on lures; Lee Brewster, Forfar, caught seven and kept two weighing 4lbs on a bunny leach; Alex Brewster, Forfar, caught eight and kept two weighing 4lbs 4ozs on a bunny leach; Jim Tait, on his second visit, caught seven and kept five weighing 15lbs on lures, his best a 7lbs rainbow.

Dave Wood, Aberdeen, caught 15 and kept five weighing 14lbs on a WSW; Walt Senior, Aberdeen, caught 13 and kept five weighing 14lbs 8ozs on a WSW; Jock Ewing, Aberdeen, caught 22 and kept five weighing 12lbs on a WSW; Ryan Dell, Arbroath, caught eight and kept five weighing 11lbs 9ozs on a bloodworm; and Craig Macpherson, Arbroath, caught six and kept five weighing 9lbs 2ozs on a bloodworm.


HEAVY rain disrupted the fishing at Kingennie during the early part of last week.

However, as the days progressed so too did the quality of the returns, which included some good bags of fish and several specimens. By the weekend the water had cleared and levels were near perfect. There was plenty of action on lures as the trout began to switch to feeding on fry.

The Boathouse produced a number of decent returns including two fish for 12lbs (Paul), two for 11.75lbs (Kidd) and two for 11lbs (Smith). Nomads and Hot-Head Damsels were amongst the top flies, especially coupled with a swift retrieve.

On Burnside a number of fish in excess of 2.5lbs were taken. Catches included five fish for 12lbs (Wilson), four fish for 7.50lbs (Thomson) and two for 5.50lbs (Busher).

The Bankside returned high numbers of fish to a wide variety of flies including buzzers, Viva, Diawl Bach and Floating Fry.

The all legal method pond, Woodside, enjoyed some excellent fishing with a number in excess of 2lbs being taken. Pride of place went to six-year-old Daniel Castro who landed a 4.25lbs rainbow on his brand new rod. Green powerbait was the attraction.