Big fish at Carlogie and Kingennie

Carlogie Dam

AMONG the visitors to Carlogie Dam last week was D. Mirrey, Carnoustie, who caught four and kept two weighing 4lbs on lures.

Others included B. Cook, Dundee, who caught eight and kept three weighing 8lbs on lures; G. McLaren, Cupar, who caught three and kept two weighing 4lbs on blobs; M. Duffy, Dundee, who caught and kept two weighing 4lbs 8ozs on a yellow dancer.

J. Moffat, Ladybank, caught 10 and kept two weighing 6lbs 8ozs on a blob; Jim Tait, Forfar, caught 15 and kept five weighing 12lbs 4ozs on a damsel; C. Ferguson, Kirriemuir, caught 10 and kept two weighing 9lbs, his best a rainbow of 6lbs 12ozs; A. Woodrow, Montrose, caught 10 and kept four weighing 8lbs 8ozs on a cats whisker; D. Finn, Dundee, caught 20-plus and kept five weighing 13lbs 12ozs on dries; W. Riley, Dundee, caught seven and kept three weighing 6lbs 6ozs on lures; K. Clark, Dundee, caught 10 and kept three weighing 6lbs 8ozs on lures.

On a catch and release were Ally Stewart, Dundee, 20-plus on lures; C. Cameron, Dundee, 20 on buzzzers; C. Cooper, Dundee, 20 on buzzers; D. Simpson, Forfar, 17 on lures; G. Woods, Montrose, 20 on lures; W. Scott, Dundee, 15 on lures; D. Mooney, Dundee, 15 on lures; and R. Dell, Arbroath, 17 on a black hare.

Kingennie Ponds

THE FISHING was good at Kingennie with the fish sitting a wee bit higher in the water.

Anglers are starting to move more towards summer tactics with floating lines being used more and more. The wind did hamper fishing slightly but when it did drop the fish were on the surface in big numbers. Almost any dry cast well would result in at least an offer.

The boathouse pool held a bit of colour at the start of the week and as a result the best approach was lures and intermediates. As the week went on the pond cleared and fish could be targeted with stalking bugs.

The bankside and burnside fished fairly similar with buzzers, nymphs and dries all doing well. Kyle McSherry managed a beautiful brown of 6.5lbs. He had been using lure to fish burnside with not a lot of success when he switched to buzzers it wasn’t long before he hooked the cracker.

The bait pond has been fishing quite well to mepps spinners.

Anglers really need to scale tackle down at this time of year with smaller better than bigger, and thinner diameter line a must. There is no need for line with a breaking strain of over 6lbs.