Big fish landed at Carlogie Dam

VISITORS to Carlogie Dam included Ally Stewart, Dundee, who caught 10 and kept three weighing 8lbs 8ozs on various lures and Scott Watson, Muirdrum, who caught three and kept two weighing 5lbs 4ozs on lures.

On catch and release were Dave Roy, Barnhill, 10 on buzzers; Bruce Thomson, Arbroath, nine on buzzers; K. Harrison, Arbroath, two on lures; Les Gall, Dundee, three on lures; Dave Roy, Barnhill, on his second visit, four on buzzers; and Ally Stewart, Dundee, also on his second visit, two on lures.


THE WINTERY weather last week may have put a few of the anglers off but the fish don’t seem to have minded with some great catches coming off all the ponds.

The boathouse has been fairly quiet but those who have fished have had some fantastic bags of fish. Mr Bairner took four fish for 24lbs 9ozs in just two hours, all on a black and green lure on an intermediate. Mr Walker then went on to the peg and took two fish for 11lbs very quickly on a hot head lure.

The visibility has got much better in the Burnside recently and that has helped the fishing. The fish seem to be shoaled up but if you find one of the shoals there have been some great returns.

Mr Marshall returned 15 fish on Thursday fishing two hares ears on a floating line. Mr Barr had just as much success taking 14 fish on an orange blob and a cruncher on an intermediate.

The Bankside was frozen for a few days but thawed out on Saturday and fished very well on Sunday when Mr Prior took four fish for 11lbs, and returned a further eight.

Mr Bartlet also took four fish for 11lbs, returning a further four, all taken on a cats whisker. Young Robert was also on good form taking nine fish on a blog and a blue buzzer.

The Woodside has been very quite but those fishing there are catching well. Mr Fyfe took four fish for 7lbs in a couple of hours, all on ledgered orange powerbait.

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