Big game

The gap at the top of the Carnoustie Pool League is still four points after 19th Hole A and Stag both won, which sets up a big game in Tuesday’s top of the table clash.

Results: Taymouth Kinners 8, 19th Hole 4; Stag 9, Kinloch 3; 19th Hole A 10, Dalhousie 2; British Legion 7, Corner 5. R. Duncan, Stag, eight ball clearance.

Fixtures: 19th Hole v Corner; Dalhousie v Craw’s Nest; Stag v 19th Hole A; Kinloch v British Legion. Free week, Taymouth Kinners.

Wednesday, May 29, Carnoustie Pool League Doubles, 8 p.m. start, down to one winner in each venue.

Stag – R. Griffin and G. Singer, 19th Hole A v C. Martin and I. Jamieson, 19th Hole; G. Sandilands and M. Reid, 19th Hole v S. McAllister and A. Boath, 19th Hole A.

19th Hole – S. Sutherland and S. Kilburn, Stag v S. Penman and M. Robbie, 19th Hole; S. Brown and K. Dunn, Stag v  B. Leahy snr. and B Leahy jnr., Taymouth Kinners.

Please ‘phone all results to Corner Hotel on 856291.