Black buzzers do the trick at Carlogie Dam, while osprey is again on view at Kingennie

Carlogie Dam

BUZZERS have been doing well at Carlogie Dam this week mainly black with red cheeks.

Catches included: Jim Wood, Forfar, two for 4lbs then caught and returned three; L. Duffy, Dundee, one for 2lbs; M. Black, Carnoustie, two for 5lbs; Larry Morrison, Kirriemuir, two for 4lbs 12ozs then C/R five; Jim Cheetham, Forfar, three for 6lbs; John Welsh, Forfar, two for 6lbs; Tam Hughes, Forfar, one for 1lb 8ozs; Eric Coutts, Dundee, two for 5lbs 8ozs then C/R nine; Billy Cook, Forfar, three for 8lbs; G. Skelton, Arbroath, two for 4lbs; Jim Tait, Forfar, two for 7lbs then C/R two; Dave Simpson, Forfar, two for 5lbs then C/R nine; Hugh Finlay, Monifieth, two for 6lbs then C/R two.

Dave West, Broughty Ferry, two for 4lbs 8ozs then C/R seven; Wullie Thomson, Dundee, two for 5lbs then C/R one; Dave Paul, Dundee, two for 4lbs 12ozs; A. Wallace, Dundee, one for 2lbs; T. Wallace, Dundee, two for 3lbs 8ozs.

On catch and release were: Danny Fowlis, Dundee, C/R three; Gerry Methven, Broughty Ferry, C/R five; Gilbert Cheetham, Monifieth, C/R 25; Gilbert Cheetham, snr., Monifieth, C/R seven; James Henderson, Dundee, C/R four; Dave Roy, Barnhill, C/R 10; Bob Caird, Dundee, C/R 12; Ian Wallace, Montrose, C/R three; Cameron Rice, Dundee, C/R six; George Woods, Montrose, C/R 14.

Tim Hale, Kirriemuir, C/R 11; Bruce Thomson, Arbroath, C/R six; Peter Cameron, Kirriemuir, C/R two; C. Percival, Carnoustie, C/R three; Dave Mahoney, Dundee, C/R 16; Derek Glover, Dundee, C/R eight; Tam Barr, Dundee, C/R three; Tony Fenemore, Broughty Ferry, C/R eight; Colin Cameron, Broughty Ferry, C/R 10; Colin Tait, Forfar, C/R eight; Lyle Robertson, Forfar, C/R seven; Fraser Robertson, Forfar, C/R five; Ryan McLeod, Carnoustie, C/R four; Scott Emmerson, Arbroath, C/R nine; Frank Ferrier, Arbroath, C/R five.


THE FISHING this week at Forbes of Kingennie has been steady withy no huge hauls of fish but most anglers are getting a few fish.

The osprey has continued to be the best angler this week returning every day at least twice for a meal. He has become very confident usually only needing one dive to get his fish, he has even been coming down as close as thirty yards away from anglers.

The boathouse has continued to fish very well with good bags coming off daily the best bag this week went to Gordon Smith with four rainbows for 26lbs. Small lures continue to be the best method with buzzers taking there fair share also.

The Bankside has been steady with some anglers finding it tricky. The best method by far has been very small dries, larger dries are taking fish but the fish tend to be swirling at them more that taking them. A lot of weed cutting took place last week and more is planned for the start of the week which will hopefully make the fishing a bit easier.

The Woodside is still producing lots of fish. Most anglers are getting their fish on powerbait fished very deep, but worms and sweetcorn have also taken fish. The biggest fish of the week went to Mr Woodcraft with a 3lbs 6ozs rainbow falling to legered powerbait.

The Burnside has been the most consistent pond with small dries and buzzers taking fish as well as lures such as the Montana and orange blob fished on a di three or a di five. The best fish of the week was taken by Mr Brown on a size 16 yellow owl shuttlecock with a rainbow of 4lbs 12ozs.