Bonspeil opens new season

PANMURE Curling Club recently held its opening Bonspiel for the 2012 / 13 season at Forfar Curling Centre. The Taylor Broom competition is between the president and vice-president and has traditionally inaugurated the curling season. Each fields two teams and the highest combined score carries off the trophy.

The trophy is actually an old style broom and was presented to the club by the widow of James Taylor in 1966 for this purpose.

President Bill Cochrane and vice-president Sheila MacFarlane both had big opening scores with four points each in the two opening ends. Thereafter, however, Sheila drew ahead with three singles and a two leaving her well ahead at the start of the seventh end.

Bill made a good recovery with a two followed by a single at the eighth end. Not strong enough, however, to prevent Sheila closing with a 9 / 7 win.

Fortunately the president’s ‘B’ team under John MacFarlane fared somewhat better despite a rather tardy start.

Charlie Binnie, the opposing skip, had a secure 5 / 3 lead at the sixth end, however, John made an excellent recovery to reverse the situation with a sound 8 / 5 win.

Overall this allowed the President to carry off the Taylor Broom, 15 points to 14, with the Ralston Rose Bowl going to John MacFarlane as the ‘highest up’ rink on the winning side.

President’s teams: Bill Cochrane, John Miller, Tish Binnie and Francis Webster; John MacFarlane, Ken MacDonald, Jill Coull and Johnston Ralston.

Vice-president’s teams: Sheila MacFarlane, Stewart Grey, John Jeans and Jan Tait; Charlie Binnie, Gerry Grant, Shirley Jeans and Ruth Adamson.