Bowling results from around the greens

Angus Championships

Results: semi-finals, senior singles – Broughty Castle 13, Forfar 21; senior pairs – Barnhill 22, Lochlands 14; senior fours – Parkview 14, Monifieth 26; singles – Carnoustie West End 20, Monifieth 21.

Fixtures: Tuesday, 6.30 p.m. Top Ten 2013, round one – Friockheim v Monifieth; Barnhill v Hillcrest; Broughty Castle v Broughty: Yesterday (Thursday), finals, senior pairs – Lochee, Robert Clark and David Graham v Barnhill, Alastair Johnston and Charles Robertson, at Monifieth; senior fours – Monifieth, Peter Brodie, John Statter, Richard Russell, David Mayes v Forfar, Doug Greig, Colin Stewart, Angus Walker, Alex Millar, at Monifieth.

Angus Seniors’ League

Results: Parkview 40 (0 points), Arbroath 61 (7); Letham 44 (2), Lochlands 44 (5); Montrose 46 (2), Hope Paton 40 (5); Carnoustie 30 (2), Abbey 45 (5); Canmore 51 (5), Carnoustie West End 26 (2); Monifieth 52 (3.5), Boyle Park 42 (3)

Bowls Scotland District 5 Qualifiers

Results: mixed pairs, semi-finals – Dudhope 23, Broughty Castle 14; Strathmartine 11, Lochlands 12: final – Dudhope 23, Lochlands 9.

Broughty Bowling Club

It was a good week for Broughty with a close win at home last Wednesday and two good wins on Saturday. Both their pairs and triples also won through to the finals of the Angus Championships which take place today (Friday).

Broughty v Barnhill

18 B. Makin P. Knox 20

15 L. Kinnear Bob Steel 15

8 S. Christie J. Dowie 16

11 B. Kindlen A. Johnston 11

28 McPherson Lowrie 14

80 76

Lochee v Broughty

21 Lochee A. Cameron 20

12 Lochee J. Colville  21

12 Lochee G. Spence 23

18 Lochee G. Adam 18

63 82

Broughty v Maryfield

23 Makin Thompson 10

15 D. Bruce J. Tyrrell 17

20 N. Alexander C. Reid 15

25 J. Scott P. Dobbie 9

83 51

Other results: Angus Championships, semi-finals, senior pairs – Broughty 10, Lochee 17; pairs – Broughty 23, Letham 2; triples – Abbey 8, Broughty 18. Specsavers Angus League, Division One – Broughty 48, Brechin 44.

Fixtures: today (Friday) - Angus Championships finals at Monifieth, 6.30 p.m., pairs – Broughty v Carnoustie West End; triples – Broughty v Carnoustie West End. Saturday – Broughty v St Andrews, 2 p.m., five rinks; Kinnoull v Broughty, 2 p.m., five rinks. Sunday - West End Fours, Section A – Maryfield, Ex-Presidents, Carnoustie West End, Abbey, City of Dundee, Broughty 2; Section B – Forfar, Broughty 3, Brechin, Parkview, Craigie, Newgate, Strathmartine; Section C – Kirriemuir, Orchar, Barnhill, Angus BA, Broughty President, Tayside Fire Brigade BA; Section D – Dudhope, Monifieth, Fife BA, Kinnoull, Newport, Dundee Wednesday Association. Sections A/B/C report at 8.30 a.m. for first game at 9 a.m. Section D first game at 9.50 a.m. Tuesday - East of Scotland District finals, 2 p.m., eight rinks: Angus Championships Top Ten, 6.30 p.m., round one – Broughty Castle v Broughty. Wednesday - Broughty v Balgay, 2 p.m., four rinks. Saturday, July 13 –Broughty Open Pairs draw, Section A – A1, J.F. Kerr/R. Binnie; A2, D. White/R. Buist; A3, N. Alexander/R. McPherson; A4, I. Croll/M. Croll; Section B – B1, B. Baxter/P. Moffat; B2, M. Cargill/P. Smith; B3, D. Nicoll/J. Darcy; B4, E. Mason/D. Mason; Section C – C1, R. Carlin/M. Doyle; C2, R. Menmuir/J. Begg; C3, C. Baxter/S. Clark; C4, A. Crichton/J.K. Glass; Section D – D1, T. Selway/R. Kydd; D2, G. Milne/J. Gilbert; D3, M. Watson/D. Binnie; D4, J. Aimer/T. Thompson; Section E – E1, A. Kinnear/Partner; E2, N. Heenan/A. Thomson; E3, M. Biondi/R. Iannetta; E4, L. Hunter/L. Kinnear; Section F – F1, J. Doig/F. Gall; F2, P. McGinnis/B. McMahon; F3, M. Stewart/J. Stewart; F4, J. Fullerton/A. Maltman; Section G – G1, G. Motion/S. Johnston; G2, G. Culross/W. Culross; G3, P. Nicoll/B. McPherson; G4, P. Brodie/J. Young; Section H – H1, V. Stewart/P. Lindsay; H2, R. Petrie/W. Petrie; H3, B. Kindlen/M. Mollison; H4, M. Grahame/L. Grahame; Reserves – A. Hutcheson/J. Murray; J. Millar/J. Millar; C. Stewart/C McLaughlin. Sections A, B, C and D start at 9 a.m. Sections E, F, G and H start at 9.55 a.m. Teams to report 15 minutes before start time.

Broughty Castle

Bowling Club

Sunday, Ladies’ Open Triples – 9 a.m. P. Moffat, M. Christie, M. Tyrell, S. Taylor, E. Duffy, M. Coupar, A. McMaster, D. Crooks, M. Lindsay, S. Longmuir, N. Milne; 9.50 a.m. I. Murray, R. Baxter, H. Nixon, D. Gailey, K. Craigie, H. Foster, H. McTavish, M. Mason, M. Thomson, L. Leiper, B. McMahon. Players report 15 minutes before due to play.

Carnoustie Bowling Club

Carnoustie experienced mixed fortunes over the week with their Senior Singles going out of the Angus Championships on Monday, but the Senior Triples won through to meet Lochlands in the final.

Results: Angus Championships, semi-finals, senior singles – Kirriemuir 21, Carnoustie 13 senior triples – Strathmartine 5, Carnoustie 19.

Fixtures: Tomorrow (Saturday) - Gents v Craigie, 2.30 p.m. six rinks. Tuesday, Senior League – Hope Paton v Carnoustie; Angus Championships Top Ten, round one 6.30 p.m. – Letham v Carnoustie. Wednesday, Ladies v Monifieth Grange, 2 p.m., two rinks.

Angus Championships, final, yesterday (Thursday), senior triples – Lochlands, Ronald Kidd, James Wynne, John McLeish v Carnoustie, Robert Alexander, Doug Keilor, Tom McLean, at Monifieth.

Carnoustie West End

Carnoustie West End finished off their Angus League season with another convincing win to top the league by three points from Arbroath and also did well in the Angus Championships with Champion of Champions, pairs and triples all winning through to the finals.

Results: Specsavers Angus League, Division One – Carnoustie West End 53, Arbroath 43. Final placings – Carnoustie West End 15 points; Arbroath 12; Dudhope 12; Broughty 10; Newgate 8; Muirhead 8; Montrose 7; Brechin 6; Canmore 6; Forfar 6.

Angus Championships, semi-finals, Champion of Champions – Canmore 16, Carnoustie West End 21; singles - Carnoustie West End 20, Monifieth 21; pairs - Carnoustie West End 19, Muirhead 11; triples – Fairfield 12, Carnoustie West End 13.

Fixtures: Tuesday (July 9), Angus Championships Top Ten, round one, 6.30 p.m. – Carnoustie West End v Maryfield.

City of Dundee Bowling Association

Broughty were the only local winners in the City of Dundee Bowling Association Senior League on Tuesday afternoon, taking maximum points against Craigie.

Monifieth and Barnhill lost to Strathmartine and Fairfield respectively.

Results: Longforgan 23 shots (0 points), Maryfield 39 (6); Muirhead 31 (3), Lochee 31 (3); Hillcrest 52 (6), Balgay 19 (0); Barnhill 19 (0), Fairfield 37 (6); Dudhope 26 (0), Baxter Park 38 (6); Broughty 51 (6), Craigie 29 (0); Monifieth 31 (2), Strathmartine 34(4).

Scottish Cities & Counties Championship

Fixtures: Tomorrow (Saturday), Andrew Hamilton Trophy quarter-finals – Angus v Ayrshire North.

Specsavers Angus Bowling Association League

Results: Division Two – Monifieth 32, Abbey 60; Barnhill 48, Letham 49. Final Placings – Craigie 14 points; Abbey 14; Fairfield 14; Monifieth 12; Barnhill 8; Lochee 8; Letham 8; Maryfield 6; Kirriemuir 6; Lochlands 0.