Bowling starts

CARNOUSTIE Bowling Club started off their season with a friendly fixture against Abbey Bowling Club. The result was a victory for Abbey by 164 shots to 153.

Carnoustie v Abbey

13 D.A. Robertson R. Wilson 21

16 S. Willocks B. Tosh 27

24 M. Jones P. Speirs 12

17 G. Allen J.S. Paterson 17

21 I. Riddell J. Gibson 19

16 R. Alexander D. O’Neill 34

24 T. McLean D. Petrie 20

20 J.F. Cumming A. Burnett 18

153 164

However, the club opened their Senior League campaign with a victory over Parkview Bowling Club.


Carnoustie v Parkview

12 I. Riddell A. Low 11

17 G. Allen D. Watson 9

20 S. Willocks K. Scott 9

49 29

Trials day

CITY of Dundee Bowling Association will hold a trials day at Muirhead and Birkhill BC next Sunday, May 1, from 1.30 p.m.

Players to attend include L. Hunter, Broughty, B. Morris, G. McComskie, K. Smith and I. Bell, all Broughty Castle.