Busy time for Judo club

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Dundee Ippon Judo Club head down to the annual Borders Judo Summer School in good spirits.

And they will also be looking the part as they sport their new polo shirts, sponsored by local Fork Lift Truck training company J & J (Scotland).

It is the first major sponsorship that the club has received and will help members of the very active club make road trips during the coming year.  

This week’s trip to the Borders will see the club’s members training under the supervision of Sampson Sampson, 6th Dan, Technical Director of JFA.  

Club coach, Dave Hammond will also be running a session on Judo as self-defence on the course.

Judo has taken a fillip from the Olympics and Dundee Ippon has also recruited new members on the back of it, but the club is keen to emphasis the more traditional side of the sport.

The  J & J sponsorship will help the club send members down to London later in the year for the JFA national championships.

Coach Dave said: “I have been wanting club sponsorship for some time now and was delighted when J & J approached us to help out.”

Last year the club recorded its first home-grown black belt and now there are a number of club members just one step away from the coveted  position.

Dave added: “We are a very active club.

“We send our members on courses and contest and we have very high quality guest instructors come to visit us, so to have some assistance for guys and girls that put the effort in is fantastic.”

This weekend around 15 club members are making the trip to the Borders event, which was established 11 years ago and is now a stable of Judo calendar in the UK.

The event also gives a grading opportunity up to black belt.  

The Club’s presence at the event will now be strikingly visible, thanks to J & J’s sponsorship.

Director Jason Baird said “J & J like to support local community activities and as a member of Dundee Ippon I could not think of a better cause.

“We have a great team spirit here and that can now be on display with us wearing our club colours with pride.”