Carlogie Dam returns

A WIDE variety of flies have been taking fish at Carlogie Dam over the past week.

Damsels, cat’s whiskers, nomads, yellow dancer for the lures, and buzzers, diawl bach, wets and dries for those fishing nymphs and such.

Catch and kill anglers included Raymond Winter, Forfar, two for 7lbs, Ian Duncan, Forfar, two for 6lbs, Ryamond Ferguson, Forfar, two for 5lbs, N. Spence, Arbroath, two for 6.5lbs, L. Young, Dundee, two for 4 3/4lbs, Stuart Falconer, Arbroath, two for 5.5lbs, Jim Tait, Forfar, three for 13lbs with the largest weighing in at 6lbs, Mike Johnston, Arbroath, two for 4lbs, Jim Shepherd, Dundee, three for 7.5lbs, Mike Duffy, Dundee, two for 6lbs, Wullie Reilly, Dundee, three for 7.5lbs, Keith Clark, Dundee, three for 8lbs, Ryan Dell, Arbroath, three for 7lbs, Raymond Murray, Arbroath, two for 4lbs, and Arno Pathe, Carnoustie, three for 6lbs.

On catch and release: Frank Ferrier, Arbroath, eight, B. Robertson, Dundee, 15, Ally Stewart, Dundee, 19, Dave Mahoney, Dundee, 15, John Croll, Wellbank, eight, Clark Williamson, Forfar, 11, Derek Glover, Dundee, six, Jim Marnie, Dundee, two, Shug Cassidy, Dundee, three, Dave Thoms, Carnoustie, 15, John McKay, Dundee, five, Gordon Skelton, Arbroath, three, Colin Cameron, Dundee, 12, Derek Balfour, Forfar, three, Chloe Green, Stonehaven, three on her first visit to the dam, and John Gilbert, Carnoustie, four.

The Carlogie Dam Championship is to be held on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.